Honkai Star Rail has entered a Maintenance period to prepare for the 1.1 Version, but just how long will players have to wait before they pull for Silver Wolf?

This update will bring some new events, characters, missions, and even locations for Trailblazers to explore.

Silver Wolf is set to highlight the update as the first character event Warp with Contract Zero. But of course, players will need to wait for maintenance to end before they can pull for her.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1. Maintenance End Time & Countdown

The Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1 Update and Maintenance will end on June 7, 2023, at 11 AM CST. The times for each region are as follows:

  • Los Angeles – June 6 at 8 PM PDT
  • Chicago – June 6 at 10 PM CDT
  • New York – June 6 at 11 PM EDT
  • UK – June 7 at 4 AM BST
  • Europe – June 7 at 5 AM CEST
  • Japan – June 7 at 12 PM JST
  • Australia – June 7 at 1 PM AEST
The Honkai Star Rail V1.1. Maintenance Has Now Ended!

Of course, it is possible that maintenance will end slightly before the scheduled time. Once the update goes live, players can pull for the Silver Wolf event banner.

Thankfully, players will not head into this update empty-handed. After the update, Hoyoverse will gift players 300 Stellar Jades due to the time the game was down for maintenance.

They will also give players 300 Stellar Jades for any bug fixes they need to implement. This means that players will get a total of 600 Stellar Jades to start off Honkai Star Rail 1.1.

The update will also bring a new event allowing players to get up to 10 Star Rail Special Passes to use on Silver Wolf or save for any upcoming event banner.

Hoyoverse will also implement a new chat feature into Honkai Star Rail so players can chat with others on their friend list.