If you’ve come across the Holding Back the Flood quest in Diablo 4 Season 1, you may be wondering how you actually complete it.

Its instructions are quite vague, especially if you haven’t come across the Season Journey introduced in Diablo 4 Season 1.

Fortunately, the solution to the Holding Back the Flood quest in Diablo 4 is incredibly easy, and completing it is fairly straightforward.

Below, we outline exactly how you complete the Holding Back the Flood quest in Diablo 4, including how to finish Chapters 1 and 2 of the Season Journey.

How to Complete Holding Back the Flood

The Holding Back the Flood quest log in Diablo 4

To complete the Holding Back the Flood Season 1 quest in Diablo 4, you must finish the first and second Chapters of the Season Journey. To do this:

  1. Complete any 7 of the 9 Objectives in Chapter 1.

You only need to complete 7 of the 9 Objectives listed in Chapter 1 of the Season Journey. Here are all 9 Objectives in Chapter 1:

  • Den of Evil – Complete any Dungeon found on your map.
  • Heart of Corruption – Collect a Malignant Heart
  • Into the Frozen Dark – Complete 3 Dungeons in Fractured Peaks.
  • Keeper of the Keys – Collect a Whispering Key.
  • Kind Stranger – Complete 5 Priority or Side Quests.
  • The Hangman’s Garden – Collect 15 Gallowvine.
  • Trouble in the Wilds – Complete a World Event.
  • Waste Not – Salvage 10 Normal items at the Blacksmith.
  • What Lurks Below – Complete 1 Cellar.
  1. Complete any 9 of the 11 Objectives in Chapter 2:

You only need to complete 9 of the 11 Objectives in Chapter 2 of the Season Journey in Diablo 4. Here are all 11 of the Objectives in Chapter 2 that you can choose from:

  • A Torch in the Depths – Complete 5 Malignant Tunnels.
  • A Warrior of Taste – Change your gear’s appearance 5 times at the Wardrobe.
  • Baptized in Blood – Reach Level 25.
  • Finer Clarity – Upgrade your Potion to Minor at the Alchemist.
  • Gemcutter – Craft any Chipped Gem at the Jeweler.
  • Lighting the Way – Interact with 10 Waypoints.
  • Ruins Reclaimed – Conquer a Stronghold.
  • Spit and Polish – Upgrade 2 items at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
  • Stopping the Spread – Collect 3 Malignant Hearts.
  • Undertaker – Complete 10 Cellars.
  • Vivisector – Collect 15 Demon Hearts.
The Season Journey Objectives list in Diablo 4

How to Check Season Journey Tab Diablo 4

To open the Season Journey tab in Diablo 4, follow these easy steps:

  • Head to the Season Pass menu.
    • Press U on PC.
    • Open up your main menu and press L1 until you reach Season on PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Select Season Journey on the left hand side.
The Season Pass menu in Diablo 4

This will reveal the Season Journey Progress screen, which tells you which chapter you’re on, what rewards you’ve earned, and which Objectives you have left to complete.

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