By changing the difficulty level in Hogwarts Legacy to ‘Story’, players can skip the time-consuming Alohomora unlocking puzzles altogether and save time!

Although the puzzles don’t get easier on the lowest difficulty setting, players gain the option to auto-solve the challenges with the press of a button.

Alohomora isn’t quite the spell we all hoped it would be. Instead of magically opening locked doors, many players were disappointed to learn that casting the spell simply triggered a lock-picking minigame.

If you’re having trouble with getting doors open, here’s a guide to using Alohomora to unlock locks in Hogwarts Legacy!

We wouldn’t consider this to be one of Hogwarts Legacy’s biggest issues but it’s certainly frustrating to deal with.

How to Auto Solve Alohomora Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Press Option/Menu/Esc to open the menu screen
  • Head to Options,
  • Then Gameplay Settings
  • Find Difficulty at the top of the list and set your level to Story
How to Change Difficulty on Hogwarts Legacy
  • Then, cast Alohomora on the lock
  • Finally, instead of solving as normal, simply press Square or X to ‘Auto Solve’ the puzzle!
How to Auto Solve Alohomora Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

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You are then free to change your difficulty level back if you wish. This trick works on Level 1, 2 and 3 locks, so you’ll never have to struggle with a puzzle again!

Changing your difficulty setting in this way won’t impact any Achievements or Trophy progress either! And by abusing it, you can even use this trick to level up ultra-fast in Hogwarts Legacy.

Did you know that Hogwarts Legacy has playable multiplayer right now? Why not amaze your friends by opening a lock in seconds, before their very eyes?

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