Hogwarts Legacy just gave us our first look at the North Tower, and could Divination be in our future?

For a lot of gamers, Hogwarts Legacy is no doubt one of the most anticipated titles of the year. But despite all the hype, we’ve seen very little of what’s to come in the upcoming release by Avalanche Software.

Right now, another Warner Bros. game is the talk of the internet in MultiVersus, but soon the focus will be back on Hogwarts. And in the meantime, we’ve finally got some new footage to tide us over.

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Hogwarts Legacy North Tower

Hogwarts Legacy Reveals New Area: North Tower

In a recent post to the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter, Avalanche Software reveals our first look at the North Tower.

The tower is looking gorgeous, complete with a variety of centaur statues and tapestries. Eagle-eyed fans will also be able to spot another look at Hogwarts Legacy’s fast travel system in the background.

But what’s even more interesting than the North Tower footage is what the area represents. In Hogwarts, the North Tower is the Divination tower.

What Is Divination in Harry Potter?

Divination is an elective subject taught in the Wizarding World where third-year and older students can learn to divine the future. It’s first showcased in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, taught by Professor Trelawney.

Divination in Harry Potter

However, after Trelawney is fired by Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix, the subject is temporarily taught by the Centaur Firenze, due to the species’ fascination with Astrology.

Centaurs would struggle to enter the North Tower so they’re not likely to beteaching at Hogwarts in the 1800s when the game takes place, but it’s interesting to see them feature heavily in the decorations.

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Hogwarts Legacy

Given that our player character is a fifth-year student who is a late entry at Hogwarts, we could well be able to take Divination classes just as we know we’ll be studying Potions, Charms, and more. Could players get a glimpse of the future in crystal balls, tea leaves, or even dreams?

We’ll have to wait until the Hogwarts Legacy official release date to learn everything there is to know about the castle grounds. However, we’re hoping to get new Hogwarts Legacy information dropping before long.

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