No, it appears that Hogwarts Legacy does not contain any romance elements. However, players will be able to raise their bonds with select fellow students by completing optional side quests with them.

Developer Avalanche Studios is yet to confirm or deny romance will be part of the Harry Potter game; however, early previews seem to deny its presence.

A lack of romance could potentially tie into why players will not choose their gender in Hogwarts Legacy. Instead, players simply get to select between two voices and their preference in dorm room during character creation.

And while the development team hasn’t outright denied that romance options would be present in Hogwarts Legacy, it also hasn’t mentioned them in all the game’s showcases to date.

Companion Poppy in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are all the Hogwarts Legacy companion characters you can bond with by completing optional quests. You don’t have to become friends with everyone in the game, but there are certainly some advantages to doing so.

For example, those that befriend the Slytherin companion Sebastian Sallow will have the option to learn an Unforgivable Curse that it appears will otherwise be unavailable.

And speaking of optional content, it seems Hogwarts Legacy has twice as many side quests as it does story missions! There’s plenty to explore in the first AAA Harry Potter game in years – but you’ll find little in the way of true love.

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