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Hogwarts Legacy Release Date May Have Been Leaked By Amazon

We’re still waiting on the official Hogwarts Legacy release date but Amazon UK may be leaking it early.

One of our most anticipated games of 2022 is Avalanche Software’s Hogwarts Legacy. The upcoming Harry Potter game will allow fans to step into the Wizarding World in a AAA title for the first time in years

What’s more, it looks like by far the most detailed and explorative title yet. This could well be the Harry Potter open world release we’ve all been waiting for.

And now, we’re getting new clues as to when we’ll be going hands on with the game for ourselves.

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Hogwarts Legacy Art Book Teases December Release Date

Recently, Amazon UK updated its placeholder release date for the Hogwarts Legacy art book from December 31 to December 6, 2022. Could this be our official Hogwarts Legacy release date too?

It’s unlikely that ‘The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy’ will release before the game does, after all. But the Harry Potter game could actually release prior to the book’s launch..

After all, the recent Xbox showcase seemed to tease a November release for Hogwarts Legacy. It’s not often that an art book releases on the same day as the game in question, it’s worth noting.

That said, December 6 is also a Tuesday, a day that Warner Bros. seems to enjoy releasing titles. Lego Star Wars, Back for Blood, the MultiVersus Open Beta, and even the upcoming Gotham Knights all feature Tuesday release dates.

the art and making of hogwarts legacy

What’s also adding to the confusion is that there are likely to be two ‘release dates’ for Warner Bros.’ upcoming title. Recently, it was discovered that you can get early access to Hogwarts Legacy before anyone else!

And what’s more, super fans will be able to purchase a leaked Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition that boasts a floating magic wand and spellbook!

For now, this new release date isn’t enough to confirm anything. But we’re anticipating more Hogwarts news dropping very soon. Thanks to ZombieEmergency4391 on the game’s subreddit for bringing this to our attention.

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