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Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Is PlayStation 5’s Fastest Viewed Trailer

No, Hogwarts Legacy isn't a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but it's definitely got fans excited.

After Hogwarts Legacy's announcement as part of the PlayStation 5 showcase, the reveal footage has gone on to be the PS5's fastest viewed trailer of all time.

At the time of this article's writing, Hogwarts Legacy's trailer has garnered over 10.7 million views. With the video having launched less than 2 weeks prior to this achievement, it's clear that fans are highly anticipating the long-awaited Harry Potter title.

The current record for a PlayStation 5 title goes to Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The superhero game currently sits at a comfortable 16 million views after its reveal 3 months ago.

It seems that Hogwarts Legacy will soon be the top-viewed PS5 trailer, and honestly it deserves the attention.

Why is Hogwarts Legacy the Fastest Viewed Trailer?

The hype surrounding Hogwarts Legacy likely stems from Harry Potter's global and universal appeal. One of the biggest franchises in the world, even years after its original run's conclusion, fans have been eagerly-awaiting a new game set in the magical universe.

Hogwarts Legacy Hippogriff
(Source: Portkey Games)

Now, Portkey Games is delivering exactly what Harry Potter fans most desire. An open-world RPG that allows us to step into the shoes of a Hogwarts student, in a brand-new storyline.

The game actually leaked back in 2018, and took the internet by storm. Since then, gamers have been waiting for another hint at our Harry Potter RPG. Now, we're finally living in a world where it exists.

If we were to look into the Mirror of Erised right now, we'd see ourselves holding this game and shaking hands with Dumbledore. Incidentally, the renowned wizard may actually make an appearance in this title.

Those invested in the series will know, Dumbledore attended school in the 1800s, where Hogwarts Legacy takes place.

Is Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation 5 Exclusive?

Hogwarts Legacy Dragon
(Source: Portkey Games)

Another thing sure to contribute to the video's view count is the fact that Hogwarts Legacy isn't only for PS5. In fact, the magical experience is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC too.

We're certain that Sony would like us to believe that the game is a PS5 exclusive. Certainly, it contributed to the recent pre-order rush that's left some customers to miss out on the PS5 release day.

When the game finally releases, fans of the franchise everywhere will be able to live their Hogwarts fantasy. And they can do so no matter what platform they play on.