Hogwarts Legacy just got a huge update on Xbox Series X/S as Avalanche Software prepares for the launch of the Harry Potter game.

With only days until the release of the Wizarding World title, fans are reporting that Hogwarts Legacy’s new patch seems to be 55.74 GB in size.

One Reddit user Gunnar93 shared a screenshot of the new update, which clocks in at 55.74 GB. This matches reports from Twitter which display an identical install size.

The update will download automatically for those users that have the Hogwarts Legacy pre-load installed.

Don’t forget to pre-load Hogwarts Legacy before launch on all platforms!

Although there are no official details as to what the update contains, we can certainly speculate. It seems that although Hogwarts Legacy’s pre-load went live recently, the 76.67 GB install was not the final file size.

What Is the 55.74 GB Update for Hogwarts Legacy?

We don’t have any official word from Avalanche Software as to what the 55.74 GB update to Hogwarts Legacy is yet. However, it appears the update has been overwriting existing pre-load files and installing a newer version of the game.

Users who have completed the update now report that their Hogwarts Legacy file now takes up 77.1 GB of storage space, only slightly more than its initial pre-load size.

Seeing as Hogwarts Legacy’s PC specs reveal that it should take up around 85 GB of SSD space, it did seem unlikely that the game would take up over 120 GB of storage on current-gen consoles.

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Hogwarts Legacy Troll

Those who are just pre-loading now for the first time are unlikely to have to download both the pre-load and today’s update. However, we can expect a Day One patch to update the game further at launch.

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