No, there is one use of a Patronus in the Hogwarts Legacy story, but it’s not performed by your custom fifth-year student.

Expecto Patronum, the spell that allows witches and wizards to summon their own Patronus is not castable, however it is seen during the visit to Azkaban.

It is worth noting that Dementors appeared in the initial Hogwarts Legacy reveal trailer. These are dark creatures that feed on human happiness.

Considering how they can only be defeated by the Expecto Patronum spell, which summons your Patronus, it seemed likely that at some point, we would or even summon a Patronus to fight them.

However, while a Patronus does make an appearance during the Azkaban scene, it is not cast by our player character.

Here’s how to get to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy!

Dementors floating down a corridor in Hogwarts Legacy
The dementors seen in the Hogwarts Legacy reveal trailer.

Patronuses are advanced magic that takes the shape of an animal unique to the witch or wizard that casts it. It is summoned by the Expecto Patronum spell, which draws upon your happiest memories to create it.

Does Your Harry Potter Fan Club Patronus Carry Over Into Hogwarts Legacy?

No, the Patronus you get via your Harry Potter Fan Club account will not carry over into Hogwarts Legacy. This has been confirmed by the official Portkey Games Support page.

This is likely because there are 142 different Patronus that you can get through the Patronus quiz on the Wizarding World website.

Translating these into Hogwarts Legacy would be an impossible task. Additionally, if they only put some from the quiz into the game, players who didn’t get those would be disappointed.

So, fans should not expect to receive thei Patronus from their Harry Potter Fan Club account in Hogwarts Legacy.

the boar Patronus from the Harry Potter Fan Club

You can carry over your chosen House and custom wand from your Harry Potter Fan Club account. However, you will need to link your Harry Potter Fan Club, and WB Games accounts first.

You can take the Patronus quiz via the official Wizarding World website if you’re still interested. The House and custom wand quizzes are also available there.

Additionally, you can also unlock some exclusive cosmetic rewards for Hogwarts Legacy with a simple trick that takes no time at all!

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