Players can experience so many unique things while exploring Hogwarts Legacy’s vast open world – here’s everything you need to know.

The open world is a huge part of Hogwarts Legacy, as it allows players to see the wonderful sights beyond the walls of Hogwarts.

Out in the open world, players can visit hamlets, experience the change in seasons, fight monsters, and uncover mysteries.

Is Hogwarts Legacy’s Open World Seamless?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy’s open world is completely seamless, with players being able to go from the interior of Hogwarts all the way to Hogsmeade and beyond without a single loading screen.

You’ll see NPCs wandering around the open world as you fly above them. You can also land, explore any of the hamlets, and fight enemies at any time.

the player flying on a Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy

There are multiple biomes to explore in the open world as well, ranging from swamps and ruins to lush forests and meadows.

What Can You Do in Hogwarts Legacy’s Open World?

While exploring Hogwarts Legacy’s open world, you can visit local hamlets to take part in puzzles and visit vendors, fight enemies roaming the wilds, and explore ruins.

You’ll see these opportunities on your minimap as well as on your HUD. By exploring and fighting enemies, you’ll be able to learn new magic, increase your inventory capacity and find new gear.

the player flying on a Hippogriff over Mongrels in Hogwarts Legacy
Flying over Mongrels (enemies) with a Duelling Feat (combat challenges) becoming available

How Does Flying Work in Hogwarts Legacy?

Players can fly from anywhere (so long as it’s outdoors) and travel at slow, medium, and fast speeds. Flying in Hogwarts Legacy is tied to a yellow stamina meter visible in the bottom right corner.

When flying closer to the ground, the yellow meter will fill up and won’t deplete. However, if you fly higher, the meter will begin to drop.

the player flying on a broom in Hogwarts Legacy
The yellow stamina bar decreases the higher you go at faster speeds on a broom

Once the stamina bar has been depleted, you’ll have to travel at slow speeds close to the ground and wait until it fully recharges. As the game progresses, players can get upgrades for their broom to minimize these limitations.

This doesn’t apply when flying on mounts, as they don’t have a stamina bar and, therefore, can reach heights at max speeds with ease.

It is a shame, then, that quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t play as big of a role as many fans may think or hope.

Can You Use Brooms & Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy’s Open World?

You can fly on a broom and mount to traverse Hogwarts Legacy’s open world. Additionally, you can traverse by foot or by riding your mount like a horse.

There is also a fast travel option in the form of floor powder, which will transport you to other floor power locations, such as those in Hamlets scattered across the world.

the player flying on a broom on the left and on a hippogriff on the right

How Do Hamlets Work in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hamlets are small villages that are scattered across Hogwarts Legacy’s world. Players can visit them at any time while exploring the open world.

While there, players can partake in puzzles, complete challenges, uncover secrets, and visit vendors to purchase resources.

the player exploring a hamlet in Hogwarts Legacy open world

Players can find these activities and vendors in Hamlets by checking the minimap for their unique icon on the minimap.

Hamlets are also populated by NPCs with their own unique animations, such as children playing, wizards playing instruments, or people simply walking around.

the player next to a vendor in Hogwarts Legacy open world

How Do Seasons Affect the Open World in Hogwarts Legacy?

Seasons will affect the entirety of Hogwarts Legacy’s open world by drastically changing it visually, such as adding snow during winter.

Additionally, Hogsmeade will react to specific holidays by changing its theming. During Autumn, for example, players will see pumpkins outside of buildings.

on the left is autumn in Hogwarts Legacy's open world and on the right is winter

Is There a Day and Night Cycle in Hogwarts Legacy?

There is a day and night cycle in Hogwarts Legacy that affects both Hogwarts and the open world. Certain items will only be available during the day, and similarly, there will be items only accessible at night.

Players will notice fewer people walking around hamlets and Hogsmeade as well as less students wandering the halls of Hogwarts.

You can see the open world in action in Hogwarts Legacy in the video below:

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