Yes, Hogwarts Legacy does have multiple endings, a fact confirmed by Game Director Alan Tew.

The Harry Potter game will allow the player to make decisions that impact not only their fellow Witches and Wizards, but also the story and its ending.

We currently don’t know which decisions will impact your ending in Hogwarts Legacy, but it will likely be your decisions during story missions that have the most effect on the world around you.

What’s more, your House of choice will not only be able to earn the House Cup, but that early decision can also take your story in slightly different directions.

the player character from Hogwarts Legacy sitting on a chair in the Great Hall while a female teacher puts the Sorting Hat on his head

Do Choices Matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy’s choices matter. They matter so much that fans will have a different experience, depending on how they interact with the world around them.

For example, which House you choose in Hogwarts Legacy will impact your overall experience in a major way.

You’ll have unique cutscenes, students will react to you differently, there’s a fresh Common Room waiting to be explored and several Houses even have unique quests to discover.

More than that though, Hogwarts Legacy also allows you to befriend Companions and take them with you on adventures.

These friendships are entirely optional, but one of them will lead to you learning an Unforgivable Curse!

the player character holding a wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Choosing to learn all 3 of the Unforgivable Curses is also a decision that players must make in Hogwarts Legacy.

And while there’s no Morality System as such, we predict that choosing to master the Dark Arts won’t go unrewarded (or unpunished).

How Many Endings Does Hogwarts Legacy Have?

Hogwarts Legacy has multiple endings for players to discover, though the total number has not yet been revealed.

In a gameplay showcase of the Harry Potter game, Director Alan Tew confirms that not only do player decisions matter, but they could potentially affect the story and its ending.

“Some of those things can affect things game-wide. Some of these affect the characters’ lives and the ending of the game… sometimes it’s just about being a student. So the scale varies, but those opportunities exist for the player”

Perhaps there’s one decision that matters more than most for you, the player. Here’s what graphics mode you should be choosing in Hogwarts Legacy!

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