A PC mod for Hogwarts Legacy titled HogWarp is adding multiplayer to the game. It is created by The Together Team, the people behind Skyrim Together that lets fans play Skyrim online.

While HogWarp isn’t ready yet, it is currently in development. It allows players to explore all of Hogwarts Legacy together, and gameplay footage of it already exists.

The only way to access it at the moment is through Yamashi’s Patreon (a member of The Together Team). You either have to subscribe to their High Otter tier ($21 a month) or King Otter tier ($51.50 a month) to gain access.

The cheaper Grown Otter tier ($11 a month) gives subscribers Early Access to the mod, although it is unclear when this will be made available.

This is currently the only way to experience Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer, although it is possible that multiplayer will be added officially to the game in the future.

When the mod is released to the public, it will be made free and open source. This means anyone playing on PC will be able to experience the multiplayer mod for free.

You can check out gameplay of the mod below:

When Is the Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod Releasing?

The Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod is set to release publicly in March 2023. Fans will be able to download the mod for free on PC when it launches in March.

However, you can test it out before March 2023 by subscribing to either the High Otter or King Otter tier on Yamashi’s Patreon.

This is according to an interview with GamesRadar+ in which Yamashi states that making Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer is an easier process than making Skyrim multiplayer.

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Yamashi previous worked on Skyrim Together, which took years to make due to the difficulty of reverse engineering Bethesda’s custom engine.

However, it is significantly easier to do so on the Unreal Engine, which Hogwarts Legacy is developed on. Therefore, according to Yamashi, getting a simple multiplayer mod out quickly for Hogwarts Legacy will be easy to do.

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer M
Credit – The Together Team

What Can You Do in the Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod?

Currently, players using the Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod HogWarp can explore Hogwarts and the surrounding areas in groups of ten.

You can run around, jump, use your broom, and wear your custom outfit. However, so far combat and Hogwarts Legacy’s plethora of side quests have not been shown off.

The gameplay footage below showcases exploring Hogwarts in the player’s custom outfit as well as riding a broom to the Quidditch grounds:

The next gameplay clip showcases running around in a group of ten players. This seems to be the maximum amount of people that can play together at once:

Is the Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod Coming to Consoles?

No, the Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod will not be coming to consoles. This is because consoles can’t install mods unless a game’s developer adds the mods themselves.

The only notable instance of this happening was with the Skyrim Anniversary Edition which allowed mods on consoles. However, even The Together Team’s Skyrim Together mod wasn’t added to Skyrim on consoles.

Of course, while consoles aren’t getting the multiplayer mod, PlayStation players do get an exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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