The long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy launch trailer is finally here, revealing more about what to expect on release day.

After new teases by Community Manager Chandler Wood and the new PlayStation House Cup campaign, the Harry Potter game’s trailer is here in all its 4K glory.

As part of the new Hogwarts Legacy House Cup Campaign on PS4 & PS5, Harry Potter fans have a new task in store for them today.

PlayStation Hogwarts Legacy Cup

Telling Hogwarts fans to ‘Watch the Trailer’, the new task is set to go live at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET today. Of course, there are already a few Hogwarts Legacy trailers out there, but the phrasing of this challenge seems to indicate that this is the one to watch:

2 New Hogwarts Legacy Trailers Dropping Soon?

What’s more, a second challenge that unlocks on February 8 indicates that there will be another new trailer available on that date.

Seeing as Early Access to Hogwarts Legacy drops on February 7, it’s likely that today’s offering will quickly be followed by an accolades video.

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On the Wizarding World Twitter account, a short video shows the account interacting with Community Manager Chandler Wood, asking him how the Hogwarts Legacy launch trailer is going.

“You want to see it?” the Avalanche Software employee writes back. “It’s in your inbox. I think it might be the best one yet…”

With these two hints in mind, it was clear that the Hogwarts Legacy launch trailer was dropping imminently.

Don’t forget that you can pre-load Hogwarts Legacy right now to ensure you won’t have to wait any extra time on release day.

And you can even unlock exclusive cosmetics for free in Hogwarts Legacy now, so they’re ready for you when you boot up for the first time.

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