With the release of Hogwarts Legacy just around the corner, it is worth taking a look at each Hogwarts house and seeing which is the best for you.

Whether it is Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, each Hogwarts house is bound to offer players a unique experience. However, there are definitely some key differences that’ll help you make up your mind about which house you belong in.

Even if you’ve already picked the game up or want to know the best pre-order bonuses for Hogwarts Legacy, getting excited about the Sorting Hat ceremony is all part of the fun.

All Differences Between Hogwarts Legacy Houses


These are the main differences in the Slytherin house if you choose this path:

  • Sebastian Swallow companion
  • Slytherin common room
  • Potentially learn Crucio sooner
  • Abraham Ronen as a potential Head of House

Slytherin has been given a lot of attention in the Hogwarts Legacy teasers and trailers. For example, we got to see the Slytherin companion, Sebastian Swallow offer to teach you the Cruciatus Curse.

It is possible then that joining Slytherin might be the fastest route to learning this deadly and forbidden curse. While this is of course speculation, you may be better off joining Slytherin if you’re looking to go down the dark wizard route.

We’ve also gotten a chance to see the Slytherin common room in an exciting reveal trailer. If you’ve seen the Harry Potter films, then the Slytherin common room may look familiar.

Sebastian Swallow from Slytherin house in Hogwarts Legacy on the left holding a wand and looking perplexed and Abraham Ronen on the right smiling in his dark blue robes and hat

When it comes to the potential Head of House, we’re a little in the dark. While no Head of House has been confirmed, it is possible that Abraham Ronen may take that role.

The Charms Master has been confirmed to be aligned with Slytherin after being a part of the house during his time as a student. Even if he isn’t the Head of House, it’s likely if you choose Slytherin you will become better acquainted with him.


These are the Gryffindor differences you can expect in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Natsai Onai companion
  • Gryffindor common room
  • Meet the Fat Lady

When it comes to Gryffindor, there are a lot of unique features to be expected. You’ll have access to perhaps the most famous common room tucked away behind the iconic Fat Lady painting.

the player character from Hogwarts Legacy walking through the Gryffindor common room with two large windows in front of them and many students sat in front talking

While you’re exploring the Gryffindor common room you’re also likely to bump into Natsai Onai, the Gryffindor companion. While it’s unclear as to whether companions will be exclusive to certain houses, by joining the Gryffindor house, you’ll stand a better chance of meeting her sooner.

It is still unclear as to which teacher will be the Head of House for Gryffindor. While we’ve seen a few unnamed characters in various trailers, so far no details have been disclosed.


Those who decide to go for the Hufflepuff house can expect these differences:

  • Poppy Sweeting companion
  • Never before seen common room
  • Unnamed Herbology professor as a potential Head of House

Hufflepuff may be one of the most unique houses in Hogwarts Legacy for many reasons. In the books, Harry never visits the Hufflepuff common room, making it a truly unique space for the game.

the Hufflepuff common room on the left with an arched wooden platform and hanging plants overlooking students reading books and an unnamed Herbology teacher with red hair and a witches hat on the right passing a cauldron to someone off screen

In terms of companions, Hufflepuff has a confirmed character who will be joining you called Poppy Sweeting – which feels like a very apt name. She’s apparently very good with creatures and animals and might be your introduction to the fantastical beasts inside of Hogwarts Legacy.

No teacher has been confirmed as the Head of House for Hufflepuff. However, in the books, that role is taken by Professor Sprout, the Head of Herbology.

It is, therefore, likely that the Head of House in Hogwarts Legacy will be the so-far unnamed Herbology teacher we’ve seen in trailers.


The Ravenclaw house will sport the following differences in the game:

  • Unnamed Ravenclaw companion
  • Ravenclaw common room
  • Unnamed Ravenclaw Head of House

While Harry visits the Ravenclaw common room in the books, it never appears in the movie. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it looked like, choosing the Ravenclaw house in Hogwarts legacy is the best way.

the player character from Hogwarts Legacy walking towards an arched entrance way in the Ravenclaw common room with a student standing next to a telescope to their left

To get the unparalleled views of the Hogwarts grounds described in the books, you’re really going to want to explore the immensely detailed and impressive Ravenclaw common room.

Unfortunately, unlike the other three houses, a house-specific companion has not yet been announced for Ravenclaw. However, it is incredibly unlikely that there won’t be one, so expect to see one in the full game.

There also isn’t much information regarding the Ravenclaw Head of House. While there have been a few unnamed teachers featured in the trailers, it’s impossible to tell which it’ll be right now.

While there have been plenty of teasers and trailers that have covered everything from explaining the Hogwarts Legacy morality system to what Hogwarts will look like, there’s still plenty we don’t know. Hopefully, future trailers will expand on the houses and the wonderful students within them.

Of course, despite still recovering from the sad truth about Quidditch, it’s nevertheless exciting to imagine what our time at Hogwarts will look like.

And while you’re thinking about which house you want to be in, why not start brushing up on your knowledge of magic by looking at all the confirmed spells in Hogwarts Legacy?

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