It seems that Hogwarts Legacy could be the latest adaptation to come to HBO Max following the success of the Harry Potter video game.

It’s no secret that Hogwarts Legacy has been a huge success for Warner Bros. Following mixed to negative reviews of the latest Fantastic Beasts movies, the company has reportedly been looking for new ways to capitalize on the Harry Potter IP.

Now, a new report from Giant Freaking Robot, a site that has been known to correctly leak insider information in the world of TV and film, Hogwarts Legacy is in for the HBO adaptation treatment.

According to the site, the series is still in the early phases of development so details are currently few and far between.

the player character stood on a cliff in front of Hogwarts

However, if Hogwarts Legacy is indeed being adapted for TV, we expect to see a similar story to the one present in the game, set in the late 1800s.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Getting an HBO Show?

It’s worth noting taking these rumors with a pinch of salt for now. Neither Warner Bros. nor HBO has commented on the Hogwarts Legacy report so far, but we’ll update this article if either company makes an official statement.

We certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see HBO snatch up another video game adaptation. After all, the ongoing The Last of Us series has been an enormous success for HBO Max.

While The Last of Us’ success is due in part to HBO sticking to the source material so ardently, we imagine it may not be the case for a Hogwarts Legacy TV show. After all, the game’s story is not its strongest asset, and many gamers have pointed fingers at the Goblin villains as being an antisemitic stereotype.

Should Hogwarts Legacy receive even a fraction of the critical acclaim that The Last of Us has garnered, it will no doubt prove to be well worth the effort for all parties involved.

And Wizarding World fans will finally get the Harry Potter prequel they deserve.

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