Hogwarts Legacy gameplay and story leaks have already begun to appear as early copies have been handed out days before the official launch.

Despite the game releasing on February 7th for those who purchase the Deluxe and Collectors Edition and the 10th for everyone else, fans have begun leaking footage that reveals key story details and gameplay features.

For example, footage of Hogwarts’ map and open world has been leaked, revealing exactly what Hogwarts and Hogsmeade look like on the map.

the player exploring the Hufflepuff common room in Hogwarts Legacy

You can also find leaked footage of the wand ceremony and wand customization. This is, of course, a feature that many Harry Potter fans have been anticipating.

Hogwarts Legacy Sorting & Common Room Leaks

In the common room introduction cutscene that’s making the rounds on social media, Professor Weasley brings a new Gryffindor player to the Fat Lady portrait. After telling the player the correct password to get through, she wishes them a good sleep and leaves.

We then see the character waking up the following morning in their new dorm, though all other students have already left.

Another clip that’s been surfacing online is the Sorting Hat ceremony cutscene, where players decide what Hogwarts House is best for them.

Although one House is pre-selected by the Sorting Hat (perhaps since the leakers have linked the Harry Potter Fan Club to claim free rewards), the option to choose a different House is also available.

Note: WB Games is taking down leaked footage already, meaning the YouTube and Twitter gameplay footage leaks present in this article will likely be removed very soon.

After the decision is finalized, a cutscene plays in which the Sorting Hat declares they should be in their chosen house. Professor Weasley then changes their uniform to match their House’s color scheme while their new classmates clap in the background.

If you’re interested in the various graphical options, fans have also leaked every graphical option available in Hogwarts Legacy.

All of this comes only days after previews of the game revealed never-before-seen gameplay of Hogwarts and a main mission.

Hogwarts Legacy is out in just a few days, anyway. However, if you think you’ll struggle to avoid spoilers, you can play it 72 hours in advance.

But for those hoping to see some extras, there is a lot of leaked footage out there. However, it’s getting taken down quickly as Warner Bros. is issuing copyright strikes.

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