Hogwarts Legacy has received a number of previews that feature both new details and gameplay about the game.

This comes a few weeks before Hogwarts Legacy’s official release date, offering fans a final peak at the game before it launches.

Of course, you can see everything Hogwarts Legacy has to offer early and before anyone else with a simple step.

Just make sure you install Hogwarts Legacy before it launches. That way, you won’t waste time downloading it when you could be experiencing this new gameplay for yourself.

student flying on a broom across hogwarts
Credit – JorRaptor

The new gameplay shown off has come from various sources, all of whom got to play around two hours of the game.

They showed off exploration, combat, missions, and an even deeper look at character customization.

You can see all of the new gameplay, as well as thoughts and previews on Hogwarts Legacy, yourself below:

The gameplay that has been released shows a detailed breakdown of Hogwarts itself, featuring numerous locations such as courtyards, the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower, and more.

It also shows off interacting with things around Hogwarts, such as statues and moving portraits. The final aspect shown off inside Hogwarts is the Dueling Club.

Outside of Hogwarts, a mission with Poppy Sweeting is showcased. There’s a bit of exploration in the open world (which also reveals swimming) followed by combat with Poachers.

The gameplay footage ends with an extended combat sequence against Poachers, followed by a cutscene with a dragon.

The combat, exploration, and visuals have all been well received, with several sites showcasing the sheer amount of detail visible inside Hogwarts itself.

Combat is also described as being leagues beyond previous Harry Potter games, with some Hogwarts Legacy previews citing it as the best aspect.

If you’re hoping to see more of Hogwarts Legacy, you should check out the surprising new open-world features previously revealed.

You can also check out the star-studded cast of Hogwarts Legacy. It includes A-List actors and even returning Harry Potter actors.

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