Hogwarts Legacy has had a new mechanic unveiled thanks to a recent Instagram post from the developers and the sleuthing of some keen-eyed fans.

If you’ve been following Hogwarts Legacy for some time, you’ll likely feel that it’s all a bit mysterious. While we’ve had States of Plays and gameplay videos, the whole picture hasn’t quite come together.

Well, fortunately, keen-eyed fans have made some well-informed connections between a recently released Instagram video and some old footage to reveal a potential gameplay mechanic.

While fans have been rallying around this new potential mechanic, many were outraged by the PlayStation-exclusive Hogwarts Legacy quest.

What Is the New Hogwarts Legacy Mechanic?

A recent Instagram post shared by the Hogwarts Legacy account revealed a book called the Field Guide. This book hints to be used to uncover secrets, or as some sort of collectibles catalog.

In that post, there were two additional videos attached, each showing a student discovering something in a common room.

This has led many to believe that the Field Guide is used to uncover secrets, or as a collectibles catalog.

a student in Hogwarts Legacy next to a scroll on the left and a series of talent trees from Hogwarts Legacy on the right

The Field Guide in Hogwarts Legacy Explained

The Field Guide appears to be an item used to discover secrets hidden across Hogwarts Legacy.

In fact, we caught a quick glimpse of the Field Guide in a State of Play gameplay reveal earlier this year.

Student in Hogwarts Legacy in Slytherin common room next to window overlooking Black Lake

What Does the Field Guide Do?

While it is still unclear, based on information shown in various gameplay reveals, it is possible that the Field Guide is used as a way of collecting or solving secrets.

For example, during the aforementioned Hogwarts Legacy State of Play from March, the book is shown multiple times. At 8:11, it can be seen as an available talent tree.

Moments later, the player walks over to a fountain and reveals a hidden scroll and quill. They then open the book and trap the scroll within it.

Fans have speculated that you will collect pages scattered across Hogwarts using the book. You will then be able to use the gathered information to solve riddles that lead to even more hidden secrets.

byu/Widdit01 from discussion

Some have even speculated that this may come as one of the many Hogwarts Legacy pre-order bonuses available.

Whether or not this is its function is yet to be confirmed. However, it seems the most likely, especially when considering the various videos that have been shared.

What is the Difference Between the Unauthorized Guide to Hogwarts & the Field Guide?

The Unauthorized Guide to Hogwarts has been confirmed to be a social media tactic, whereas the Field Guide is a usable item within Hogwarts Legacy.

Responding to a question from a fan on Twitter, Chandler Wood – one of the developers working on Hogwarts Legacy – has confirmed that the Unauthorized Guide to Hogwarts and the Field Guide are separate aspects of the game.

He stressed that the Unauthorized Guide to Hogwarts is their way of showcasing parts of the game to fans via social media and is in fact not a real part of the game. Conversely, the Field Guide is a part of the game fans will get to use.

Can You Cast Magic Anywhere in Hogwarts Legacy?

Another mechanic spotted by players seems to confirm that players will be able to cast magic anywhere in Hogwarts Legacy.

During one of the aforementioned Instagram videos, a student is seen using a magical spell next to a window in the Slytherin common room that overlooks the Black Lake.

This all but confirms that magic can be used outside of combat encounters, at least in some capacity. Perhaps players will only be able to use it when prompted to by the game.

Either way, it seems unlikely you will be able to simply cast spells at unsuspecting students whenever you want. This won’t be Harry Potter GTA after all.

It is possible that we may have to wait until Hogwarts Legacy’s release date to find out more information about the Field Guide and casting spells.

So, until then, why not decide which House you should pick in Hogwarts Legacy? That way, you’re all prepared for when the game eventually launches.

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