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Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Not Working on Steam Now Resolved

An issue preventing Hogwarts Legacy players from accessing Early Access on Steam due to an App Not Released error has finally been resolved.

Many Hogwarts Legacy players are reporting issues with Early Access to the Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam.

These issues are preventing players from launching the Hogwarts Legacy Digital Deluxe Edition despite it already being able to as part of that early access incentive.

This issue seems to affect Steam players who purchased their key from a third party. Although, some users who purchased through Steam also receive this same issue. Here is everything we know!

Why is Hogwarts Legacy Showing “App Not Released” on Steam?

According to multiple support chats, it appears this is an issue affecting any player who purchased their key from a third party. It is due to a Steam technical error that they are working on resolving.

If you experience this issue, you cannot launch Hogwarts Legacy and instead see an “App Not Released” message on your Steam account. Trying to launch the game from the desktop will also yield similar results.

Thankfully, it seems Steam has resolved the issue. Many players have begun to comment on the original Reddit thread stating it is now working.

Players still experiencing issues can try to restart Steam or uninstall and reinstall Hogwarts Legacy.

One Reddit user believed this was happening because WB Games forgot to manually add an override to the key package that allows Digital Deluxe owners to play during early access.

This is frustrating for many, considering they paid extra to purchase the Digital Deluxe for 72 hours of Early Access.

If you’re one of those affected, then there are still things you can do to earn some rewards and in-game items.

There are currently two different Twitch Drop campaigns on Twitch:

Players can connect their accounts to Harry Potter Fan Club to earn exclusive outfits and get sorted into a house before playing.

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