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Hogwarts Legacy Development Team Sends Magical Gift to Sick Fan

The Hogwarts Legacy development team has sent a great, and thoughtful gift to a fan worried they won’t see the game’s release date.

Hogwarts Legacy, the new Wizarding World game set years before Harry Potter’s eventual arrival is set to release in Holiday 2022.

We recently got the chance to see over 14 minutes of new gameplay, which made all of us more excited to enter Hogwarts!

However, one fan is worried they may not see the release of the game, after having a heavy operation to remove a bone tumor.

The story reached the development team behind Hogwarts Legacy, and they decided to send a great gift.

Hogwarts Legacy Fan Receives Signed Poster From Development Team

The team of developers behind the anticipated Hogwarts Legacy heard about the worried fan and decided to send a signed poster.

The fan, under the username u/KvotheScamander, posted on the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit r/HarryPotterGame telling their story.

The original post, titled “I’m scared I won’t make the release…” reached over 800 upvotes. The user wrote, “The doctors have told me that if the tumor is malignant, it will be untreatable for me and I will die. The tumor is growing aggressively so it won’t take long in that last case”.

While the story is a tragic one, there’s a bittersweet moment. The Community Manager over at WB Games’ Avalanche saw the post. He messaged the 24-year-old fan stating the team heard of the story, as well as offering to send a gift.

Ollivanders wand shop
Portkey Games

In an update post, the fan suggested the gift had arrived, which was a signed poster from the development team.

The fan added a comment below, telling the story. They are currently researching the tumor in numerous countries, with a maximum life expectancy of two years. However, they suggest one professor is sure the tumor is benign.

“Thank you to the people from WBGames and Avalanche Studios!,” the Harry Potter fan writes. “It means so much to me that people from the other side of the world that are working on a project I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little kid, gave me this gift”

We all hope that user u/KvotheScamander will have a healthy recovery, and get the chance to cast spells and enjoy Hogwarts to its fullest!

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