In a new gameplay showcase, Hogwarts Legacy revealed our first official look at its character creator and customization.

If you, like thousands of Harry Potter fans all over the globe, just can’t wait to get your hands on the game, today’s Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase is for you.

For the first time in months, we’re getting an in-depth look at Avalanche Studio’s upcoming title, set in the Wizarding World. And those who are looking forward to making their own Hogwarts student got a real treat – a full look at the game’s character creator.

Can You Create Your Character in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy will let fans make their very own Hogwarts student and customize their appearance, outfit, and even House.

The brand-new gameplay showcase revealed that there are hundreds of options to pick from when customizing your character, helping each new student feel unique.

All Hogwarts Legacy Character Creation Options


Players start by choosing a Preset character as a basis for their customization. This is just an initial jumping-off point to base your character off, and every detail will be available to change in the next steps.

Players should pick the character that most resembles their ideal student, to make customization easier.

Hogwarts Legacy Presets Character Customization


Players then move onto facewear, consisting of their facial appearance, with face shape, skin color, and glasses all available to select.

Initially a few different glasses options will be available, but players can discover more throughout their Hogwarts Legacy journey.

Facewear Hogwarts Legacy Customization


Next up is Hairstyle, with dozens of style and color combinations to pick from. Hairstyles are not restricted by gender, allowing players the freedom to truly determine their own unique style.

Hairstyles Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator


Complexion allows players to further make tweaks, with freckles and moles, or scars and various face markings available to choose from.

These details are small (besides some of the more obvious scars) but should help you make your character your own.

Complexion Hogwarts Legacy


The Eyebrows tab allows players to choose their eyebrow color and shape. It’s also where users will be able to select their character’s eye color.

Eyebrows Customization Hogwarts Legacy

Finalize Your Character

To finish up, players can choose their character’s voice. There are two voices to choose from, one more masculine sounding, and one more feminine.

Players can also customize their voice’s pitch, making their custom student that much more unique.

This final section is where we choose our preferred difficulty level: Story, Easy, Normal, or Hard. Those players who don’t play a lot of games but love Harry Potter might be glad for the easiest difficulty level.

Before jumping into the game, this is where we’ll select our player character’s name, and then there’s one more choice to make.

Choose Your Name Voice Gender Hogwarts Legacy

Can You Choose Your Character’s Gender in Hogwarts Legacy?

No, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have players select their gender, and all customization options such as hairstyles are available for all players. They’re also free to choose which of two ungendered voices they want to use, and change their pitches accordingly.

However, players do choose what dormitory they sleep in, the Witch or Wizard dorm, in their respective common rooms.

Can You Change Your Character Appearance After Starting Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, players can change elements of their character’s appearance in-game after beginning their Hogwarts Legacy adventure. Hairstyle and hair color are confirmed to be customizable throughout the game, as is our character clothing.

However facial appearance, skin tone, and other more permanent choices will not be changeable after the start of the game.

As for their Hogwarts House, players will presumably have the choice between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw when they reach the Sorting Hat. And your Hogwarts Legacy experience will differ based on the choice you made.

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Does Your Character Age in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avalanche Studios has not confirmed whether or not your character ages in Hogwarts Legacy, but the game takes place over the course of a single year at Hogwarts.

It’s possible that your student will celebrate a birthday throughout the story, but it seems unlikely seeing as don’t choose one during character customization.

Want to get started early? Don’t forget that you can unlock some free character customization in Hogwarts Legacy right now, including a stylish new robe and more.

Check out the full Hogwarts Legacy character customization footage in the new gameplay showcase by Avalanche Studios:

Plus, check out everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy’s companions and choose which ones you’ll be seeking out to befriend.

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