Players must align four braziers to the correct symbols on the bridge connecting The Library Annex and The Great Hall to complete the Hogwarts Legacy bridge fire puzzle.

Here is how to complete the bridge fire puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Find Bridge Fire Puzzle
  2. Locate Brazier Solution Key
  3. Solve Bridge Fire Puzzle

Step-by-step guide below:

Find Bridge Fire Puzzle:

  • Use Floo Flame fast travel to the Viaduct Courtyard in The Great Hall.
Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle Location
  • Directly in front of you is the bridge that connects The Library Annex and The Great Hall.
  • There are four braziers located on each corner of the bridge. Each brazier has a symbol on the platform below it and a number etched into its base.
Hogwarts Legacy Braziers Location

Locate Brazier Solution Key:

  • If you walk towards the beginning of the bridge, you’ll see a circular gate on the floor with various symbols and numbers.
Hogwarts Legacy Fire Bridge Solution
  • These symbols and numbers are identical to the ones located on the braziers.
  • You’ll notice that you can walk up to the brazier and interact with it. If the brazier is unlit, the gear will turn by itself.
  • You’ll need to light the brazier to activate the gear using Confringo or Incendio.
  • Players can rotate the brazier once the gear is activated.

Solve Bridge Fire Puzzle:

  • To solve the puzzle and open the gate, you’ll need to align each symbol under the brazier to the correct number etched on the brazier’s base.
    • Two circles with a line through them – II
    • Diamond with X through it – IV
    • Triangle with circle and line down the middle – III
    • Triangle with lines on each side – I
Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Fire Solution
  • Once you’ve rotated all braziers to the correct position, the circular gate will automatically open.
  • Head to it and down the ladder to reap the rewards of three different chests.
Hogwarts Legacy Fire Bridge Puzzle Ladder
  • This is one of the mysterious Hogwarts Secrets from your Field Guide Exploration pages. If this is your first one, you can also claim the Secret Solver’s Bathing Costume cosmetic.
Hogwarts Secret

That is how you solve the bridge fire puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. Hogwarts is full of secrets, and some of them lead to incredible rewards players can use during their adventure.

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