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Hogwarts Legacy Beta – Release Date, How to Sign Up, and More

Hogwarts Legacy, the latest game set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is set for release in Holiday 2022. Here is any information we have on a Hogwarts Legacy Beta.

Recently, we got a close look at Hogwarts Legacy with over 14 minutes of new gameplay. And now, the hype for the upcoming game is slowly rising.

And it seems the team behind the game really cares about the fans, sending gifts to sick fans who are just as excited to play as us!

So, with all of that, you may be wondering if you can get your hands on Hogwarts Legacy early? Find out all of the information we currently have on a beta below!

Hogwarts Legacy Beta Platforms
Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy Beta – Will There Be A Beta?

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of a Hogwarts Legacy beta yet. However, a beta for the game could very well happen closer to launch.

Plenty of games uses beta feedback from fans as a way to fine-tune the game prior to launch. While Hogwarts Legacy may be a single-player experience, there could still be a small beta to optimize content.

With that being said, we can predict a Hogwarts Legacy Beta release date and how to sign up, if they did hold a Closed Beta.

Hogwarts Legacy Beta – How to Sign Up

Signing up for the Beta would likely be one of two methods. Either by pre-ordering the game, or signing up via the website.

Pre-ordering a game usually guarantees beta access to those excited fans. If you purchase digitally, it would likely be as simple as waiting for the beta.

However, with physical, you’d likely require a code from a retailer to input onto the Hogwarts Legacy site. Either that, or you would simply sign up on the website with your e-mail, name, and a platform.

Hogwarts Legacy Beta Sign Up
Warner Bros.

Of course, this is all hypothetical. If a Hogwarts Beta were to happen, they would have to contact fans who had already pre-ordered physically.

Hogwarts Legacy Beta – Platforms

If a Beta were to happen, it would likely be on PC, Xbox Series consoles, and PlayStation 5.

The team behind the game would want most players to experience Hogwarts in its best state, meaning current generation consoles and PC.

Of course, an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 beta could be likely, but a Nintendo Switch beta would be out of the question in most cases.

Hogwarts Legacy Beta – Release Date

Betas usually occur around a month or two before launch. It’s likely that a Hogwarts Legacy Beta would take place roughly a month before the official release.

hogwarts legacy
Warner Bros

While we have to get an official release date for Hogwarts Legacy, and confirmation of a Hogwarts Legacy Beta, one month prior is a fair guess.

That’s all for now. While you’re here, find out whether Hogwarts Legacy will be open-world or not!

Also, can you play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy has seen a lot of news around the time of the Fantastic Beasts movies. So, will you be able to ride some magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Finally, check out our comparison of Hogwarts Legacy and the Harry Potter movies!

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Monday 25th of April 2022

I dont think so there is beta..

Game is only singleplayer game (confirmed) so no need to test servers. However some journalists can get test game and give review what usually every game has did and publish their opinion couple days before game launch.