There are a total of 23 equipable spells and 7 additional spells that are castable in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here are the ones you can slot into your spell slots:

  • Accio – The Summoning Charm, brings an object to its castor.
  • Altering Spell – Alters the physical forms and features of items when cast in the Room of Requirement.
  • Arresto Momentum – An incantation that slows the velocity of an object.
  • Avada Kedavra – The Killing Curse, kills its target.
  • Bombarda – The Exploding Charm, detonates its target in a small explosion.
  • Confringo – The Blasting Curse, causes its target to explode.
  • Conjuring Spell – Conjures items into existence when case within the Room of Requirement.
  • Crucio – The Torture Curse, causes blinding pain to its target.
  • Depulso – The Banishing Charm, sends the target away from the caster.
  • Diffindo – The Severing Charm, used to precisely cut an object.
  • Disillusionment Charm – Turns the user invisible.
  • Descendo – A charm that slams or lowers objects into the ground.
  • Evanesco – The Vanishing Spell used to vanish both animate and inanimate objects.
  • Expelliarmus – The Disarming Charm, disarms enemies
  • Flipendo – The Knockback Jinx, knocks away objects.
  • Glacius – The Freezing Charm, freezes its target.
  • Imperio – The Imperius Curse, causes enemies to fight as if they were your companions.
  • Incendio – The Fire-Making Charm, produces a jet of flames.
  • Levioso – A Charm that lifts an object into the air, keeping it suspended.
  • Lumos – The Wand-Lighting Charm, produces light from the wand.
  • Reparo – The Mending Charm, fixes broken objects.
  • Transformation – A Transfiguration Spell that turn one object into another.
  • Wingardium Leviosa – The Levitation Charm that allows the caster to move objects freely in the air.

In addition, these spells are also available to use in-game in various scenarios, but are not equipable:

  • Alohomora – The Unlocking Charm, opens locks and containers.
  • Ancient Magic – A finishing move used to instantly defeat enemies. Can also be used to see glimmers in the world and access new locations.
  • Ancient Magic Throw – Hurls objects at enemies, similar to the Oppugno spell.
  • Basic Cast – A red beam used for basic attacks.
  • Petrificus Totalus – The Body-Bind Curse, petrifies the victim’s body. Used as a stealth takedown.
  • Protego – The Shield Charm, protects the user with a shield and reflects incoming spells. Used as a counter attack.
  • Revelio – The Reveal Charm used to reveal concealed objects, invisible items, and hidden messages.

And while you can’t cast it yourself, here is the only example of Expecto Patronum in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy Spells

How Many Spells Are There in Hogwarts Legacy?

Now that the game is out, we can confirm that there are 30 spells available to learn and master in Hogwarts Legacy.

Some will be primarily used in combat, but others will help students interact with the world around them as well as discover new secrets.

Hogwarts Legacy Spells in Combat

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