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Hilarious Warzone Clip Shows Player Being Killed By Cosmetic Spray

A great new clip has emerged on Reddit of a player being instantly killed by a cosmetic spray in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Bugs have been rife in Warzone recently. Players have been suffering from hackers who are getting much worse. Cheaters are hiding in walls for cheap kills, and they're even bragging about it on their Twitch streams.

The Warzone community is struggling with the lack of hacker interception from Activision and Raven. But thankfully, the game's fan-run subreddit is a source of levity.

Warzone Verdansk Dam
Warzone's Verdansk

Reddit user unfunny_monkey posted the brilliant video to the CoDWarzone subreddit, where many got the joke. Some though, have taken it a little seriously.

Warzone's Insta-Kill Spray Video

Unfunny_monkey's video shows two players, riding the train around Warzone's Verdansk map during a game of plunder.

One player angles his reticle into the other's face and uses his "love 4 the game" spray cosmetic. At this very moment, the player suddenly disappears, and his items spray out on either side of him.

From the way the video plays out, it seems as though the spray kills the payer instantly. The original poster seems in on the joke, as the video is titled "The spray needs a nerf tbh".

Funny clips like this have been all over the Call of Duty subreddits recently. One Warzone player performed an incredible skydiving kill, and another destroyed a plane with well-thrown semtex in Black Ops: Cold War.

The clip is imagined to be a result of a player time-out. Of course, it's absolutely perfect timing, but it explains why the player wasn't moving at all while the other player was spraying in his face.

But some commentors don't seem to get the joke.

Warzone squad
Call of Duty: Warzone

It's a natural reaction given Warzone's notoriously bug-littered gameplay. The game is so full of hackers and glitches, an insta-kill spray might not be very far outside of the realm of possibility.

The top comment by user DrGanja97 reads "Lmao everything is fucking broken rn", and at the time of writing has 275 upvotes. So it seems that many fans don't really get the joke.

But, after this video's posting, more and more people began to attempt to make sense of the supposed glitch. And it could have something to do with very real bugs found in the game.

Cause of Death: Warzone Glitches

Many fans in the comments of the video have indicated that the video could be the result of existing bugs in Warzone.

It's been suggested that it's to do with the way some player's games process the loading of sprays. Depending on the console the player is gaming on, they may experience some difficulty loading sprays altogether, putting more strain on the processing power of the console.

Warzone's Gestures & Sprays menu

It's thought that the player who is "insta-killed" was struggling with connection to the game to begin with. The deploying of the spray was what finally pushed their game over the edge, leading to a disconnection.

It's a fair theory, though often when players disconnect from their games, they don't drop all of their weapons and items, as in the video. But another player has an opposing theory.

It's been suggested that the player, rather than being sat safely on one of the train's wagons, they were sat in between two of them. Due to an existing glitch in Warzone, the theory suggests, the player was technically run over by the train.

Warzone Train
Warzone's Train

The clip itself makes it difficult to discern if the player was sat in between two wagons. The theory does however explain why the player's weapons are dropped.

Still, regardless of the mystery of the spray-kill, it's a hilarious video that's injecting a laugh or two into the Call of Duty community.

It's in need of a little bit of fun given the dismay of players at various in-game problems. Cold War is seeing painful lag spikes, and some fans claim that its split-screen mode is completely broken.

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