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Hilarious Warzone Clip Shows the Most Embarrassing Gulag Death

A player has taught his Warzone enemy not to chase clout and just take an easy win in this hilarious new clip.

Warzone is in need of some levity at the moment.

The game is littered with cheaters, hackers, and toxic players, and many have found that the fun of the game has been taken away.

Warzone gulag embarrassing kill clip
Warzone's Rebirth Island

Call of Duty has had a problem with toxic and cheating players for a long time. Players are reporting wallhackers in almost every Warzone game, and even Cold War pro players are being caught with cheats.

So, it's nice to see some great clips come from Warzone that doesn't put those exploits to use. A clip has surfaced that proves you shouldn't get cocky in Warzone.

If you see an easy win, take it.

Embarrassing Warzone Death For Cocky Player

A great clip posted into the CoD Warzone subreddit proves that it is not the game for cockiness.

The clip, aptly titled "Don't Get Greedy Just Take the W" and posted by user HawaiianHybrid shows the player entering the gulag, but not moving. The user has clarified in the comments that they were AFK at the time, so they stay put.

warzone gulag embarrasing kill clip
Warzone's Gulag

The enemy player slides quickly out from around the bus but stops. They see the player is sat still and reckons they can secure an easy 'execution' kill.

As the enemy slowly creeps up to the player, they return to the game. The enemy makes a dash for them, trying to maneuver behind them. But the player is too quick.

In an unpredictable movement, the player swings around to meet the enemy who is now almost behind them, and takes them out with two swift melee attacks.

The enemy player was too greedy and was shooting for the execution animation for clout. The embarrassing gulag death proves that Warzone is not the game for such tactics and that the player should have just taken the win when they had the chance.

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This isn't the only genius strategy deployed in Warzone. Fans have been getting creative and pushing the boundaries of the map and its players to secure wins.

One Warzone player has found a genius way to push Fire Tower campers, and another has found a new way to run up the notorious dam.

Plus, the pay-to-win Roze skin is still frustrating players; but one fan has come up with a genius counter for Roze skin players.

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Wednesday 17th of February 2021