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Hilarious Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bug Lets You Play as a Trash Can

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of this year’s most heavily-anticipated games, but it turns out to be a little trashy. That is to say that instead of Miles Morales, players are finding strange ways to play as other objects – including a trash can.

Now that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is finally here, we can safely say that the game is misnomered. Because, as it turns out, Miles Morales isn’t the only web-slinging superhero you’ll be playing as.

In fact, a strange new glitch has gamers swinging around the city as the strangest objects. It seems that it’s possible to play as almost any object in New York, from a brick to a trash can.

(Source: Insomniac Games)

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bug Transforms Players into Trash

According to users on Twitter, colliding with certain objects can lead to the game getting them confused with Miles’ character model. The strange glitch then allows players to swing freely around the game’s world and do everything that a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can do.

The objects in question include a brick, trash can, and even a wall. It’s unclear how this glitch actually occurs, but it appears that all objects in New York City are born to be heroes.

This may seem like a strange mod but it’s a genuine bug in the current patch of Miles Morales. Several players have encountered the issue for themselves and shared hilarious footage of the glitch online.

In this clip, streamer Froste even manages to change his appearance several times, appearing as a chunk of snow, a fence, and a hanger of shirts. Not a bad trick to confuse your enemies when taking down a group of thugs in a moving vehicle.

The Best Bug of the PS5 So Far?

Some other users’ experiences can be seen below. Frankly, we think Insomniac Games should leave the bug how it is.

We’re hoping for the next spin-off title to revolve around the adventures of Spider-Trash.

Sadly, it seems that the adventures of the transforming Spider-Man are not always long-lived. Users report that the game often crashes after a while, leaving them back to regular Spider-Man upon a restart.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales players will need to wait for Insomniac Games to come out with a fix. In the meantime, here’s how to make sure you’re playing the PS5 versions of your games.

Defaulting to using the PlayStation 4 versions of games is the least of the PS5’s issues, however. After reports indicate that the PS5 rest mode is bricking consoles, some users are afraid to leave their device on.

And now, after the second PS5 launch day was a disaster, only a few new players will get the chance to experience the console for themselves. Hopefully, by the time the device is available to all gamers, these issues will finally be fixed.

Of course, you’ll also miss your chance to be a Spider-Man trash can.

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