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Hilarious Parachute Glitch Makes Warzone Player Shuffle in the Sky

This parachute glitch in Warzone would definitely be annoying if it wasn’t so funny.

Warzone has got a reputation for having a lot of bugs, and for good reason. More and more problems keep appearing in the battle royale title.

However, glitches can be funny sometimes. Even if it would definitely be better if there were no bugs at all, we can at least laugh at the weird ones.

This parachute glitch is one of the strangest we’ve ever seen in Warzone. The bug occurs when players are jumping from the initial plane before they land on the ground at the start of the match.

Speaking of the initial drop into Verdansk, players want this Warzone circle change to make it more like Fortnite.

warzone parachute

Warzone Parachute Glitch

While dropping in, a player somehow ended up with a sideways parachute. This parachute glitch didn’t cause the Warzone player to plummet to his death though – something much stranger happened.

The player then began to do some kind of sideways shuffle high up in the air. This is similar to the glitch that let players walk in the sky in Black Ops Cold War.

The parachuting player also seemed to barely drop down once he started crab-walking. It must have taken the player ages to reach the ground dropping at that rate.

However, this is not a widespread problem. This Reddit post shows the only recorded instance of this bizarre parachute glitch in Warzone.

It is also not known exactly how this parachute glitch occurred, but let’s just hope this is a one-off occurrence. You can watch the hilarious clip below.

budibungbung Reddit

Activision and Raven definitely have more pressing issues to deal with than this Warzone parachute glitch. An increasing number of hackers are ruining Warzone for everyone.

The hacking problem is so widespread that YouTubers and streamers are even considering quitting Warzone. Drift0r has said that he and other content creators could “jump ship” if Warzone’s cheating problem isn’t resolved soon.

Content creators are still having fun for the time being though. Warzone YouTuber JackFrags and his squad pretended to be bots to try and get easy lobbies.

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