A new snake movement glitch has been found in MWZ, and using it means you can travel extremely quickly across the map.

This bug gives players super speed, and when prone, it looks like you are crawling at lightning pace around the map.

It is a very amusing glitch. However, there is not much practical use for it other than having a good laugh. So, let’s dive into how to do this hilarious movement bug.

How to Do Snake Movement In MWZ

To use this fast snake movement glitch in MWZ, you must load in with an Akimbo weapon and use a redeploy drone.

After using the redeploy drone, line up your character directly above the top of it and freefall towards the ground. Near the top of the zip wire, you should get an option to “Descend,” which you must quickly press.

  1. In the pre-game lobby, equip an akimbo weapon as your insured slot and head into a match.
  2. Once in-game, open up your Tac-Map and locate the nearest Redeploy Drone.
    • These will be displayed by the icon shown in the image below.
Redeploy Drone for MWZ Snake Movement
  1. When you arrive at the Redeploy Drone, use it to ascend into the air.
  2. Once you reach the maximum height after launching, take out your parachute and reset yourself directly on top of the drone.
  3. Then, release your parachute and freefall while in line with the wire. The positioning is shown in the image below.
  1. Near the top of the zip wire, you should get an option to “Descend,” however, this will only show for a split second, so you must be quick to hit the Interact button. We recommend just constantly pressing it until you reattach to it.
  2. The Interact button will be:
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Xbox: X
    • PC: E
      • As a tip, it is suggested to go into controller settings and set Interact/Reload Behavior to Tap to Interact. This will make it easier to hit “Descend.”
  3. Once you hit the ground, you will have much more speed. However, you won’t be able to do anything other than run.

This snake movement glitch was made public by MWZ content creator Glitching Queen, and you can see it in action in the video below:

This MWZ snake movement bug works while standing or when prone. When you are prone, it looks like you are crawling at extreme speeds.

MWZ Snake Movement in action

Ensure you do not have anything of value on your body when attempting this glitch. This is because the only way to reset it once in it is to bleed out completely.

Additionally, if you go underwater, the super-speed will reset, but you cannot interact with anything, including reloading your gun.

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