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Hilarious Black Ops Cold War Bug Makes a Player’s Legs Run Away Without Their Body

A new hilarious Black Ops Cold War bug has been discovered where a player's legs are seen running away without their body.

Black Ops Cold War is a buggy mess of a game. But sometimes bugs are actually fun to experience.

In a recent clip, one player shows off the funniest Cold War bug we've ever come across. In it, their soldier's legs decide to run into the fight alone, leaving their body and weapon behind.

We're not certain how a bug like this occurs, but it's not even the first time a user has shared this glitch. Perhaps sending your lower half into battle as a decoy is a new tactic that the Cold War soldiers were trialing out.

Black Ops Cold War Legs Run Bug
(Source: Treyarch)

It's not as useful as removing all of Cartel's bushes in Cold War, but it's a good strategy nonetheless. Interestingly, it could be that Nuketown is responsible for this new bug, as the map already leaked the Cold War Christmas event.

Black Ops Cold War's Funniest Bug

Reddit user thunder_spud shows off the hilarious bug in a recent post to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. With a glitchy respawn, the player sprints forward into battle.

After a split second, the user finds themselves frozen in place, at least in half their body. Despite their top half remaining still, the soldier's legs continue on into the fight.

The legs eventually stop, and the player's torso races to catch up. Now whole again, the Cold War fan looks around, confused at what just happened.

We'd be pretty confused too, if our legs just went on an adventure of their own. Still, this glitch is certainly more enjoyable than the Black Ops Cold War bug that makes Fireteam: Dirty Bomb unplayable.

Personally, we enjoy the bug that occasionally gives out free Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks. Treyarch certainly has its work cut out for it when it comes to fixing all the game's issues.

After all, the game actually appears so broken that Black Ops Cold War is bricking consoles altogether.

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