High Stakes is a public event that occurs in the Warzone map Vondel offering players a chance at a ton of XP.

Public Events bring unexpected surprises to a match, injecting thrilling twists into the gameplay. While most offer benefits to help you win games or kill enemy players, this new one does not.

When High Stakes occurs in-game, you must decide whether the reward is worth the risk. After all, the stakes are high.

What Is the High Stakes Event in Warzone?

High Stakes is a public event that drops a ton of supply crates into the map. Inside these crates are temporary Double XP and Double Weapon XP for the remainder of the game.

If you collect a crate while having Double XP and Double Weapon XP active, you will receive a 4x multiplier instead!

While retrieving one of these supply drops may be chaotic and undoubtedly dangerous, the reward is worth the risk as you level up your rank and weapons quickly.

To find one of these supply crates, open your map when the event begins. On the map, you will see the locations of each crate that fell. Travel to these icons and open the containers to earn the XP reward.

High Stakes Warzone Crate Icons

When Does High Stakes Happen?

High Stakes can occur at random points in Vondel games. From our testing, it appears it will most likely happen at the start of games or on the second or fourth circle collapse.

This event is not guaranteed to happen in every game, but you will know it is active as players will receive a notification on their screen.

High Stakes Warzone Event

Once you see it, check the sky to see if you find any nearby crates. This way, you can rack up a ton of experience!

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