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High Round Strategy Walkthrough for Die Maschine – Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Survival is at the core of Call of Duty zombies. The classic round based system has been a staple for the franchise for years. It's very important to know how to withstand the non-stop onslaught of zombies.

In this article, I will walk through with you what I believe is the best high-round strategy for Die Maschine.

High Rounds in Die Maschine

Megaton on Die Maschine
Megaton on Die Maschine

The formula is simple, combat hordes of zombies, plaugehounds, and Megatons and reach the highest round possible.

As the rounds get higher and higher, the difficulty of taking down these enemies gets tougher and tougher due to the sheer volume of zombies spawning in along with the Megaton who oftentimes throws everything off.

Zombies health caps in the low round 40s, meaning that the Zombie's health will no longer increase until a certain point.


You are going to need heavy-hitting firearms and equipment to aid you in your survival, which is why choosing the proper weaponry is crucial for success.


Ray Gun on Die Maschine
Ray Gun on Die Maschine

The first weapon I strongly recommend for high rounds is the Gallo SA12 shotgun. This weapon will consistently kill zombies as well as dealing major damage to the Megaton.

The second weapon I would recommend would be the Ray Gun. The Ray Gun is absurdly over-powered in this game. Most players opt out of using the actual wonder weapon on Die Maschine, the D.I.E. Shockwave in favor of the Ray Gun.

Guide: How to get the D.I.E. Shockwave and upgrade it on Die Maschine

The D.I.E Shockwave and it's upgraded variants are powerful, but not as powerful as the Ray Gun.

This is because the Ray Gun can kill an entire horde of enemies in about 2-3 shots, even after the patch. You see, the Ray Gun was nerfed after launch day of Black Ops Cold War because it would instantly kill a zombie.

So Treyarch decided to nerf the Ray Gun, which isn't saying much because it is still the most over-powered weapon in the game.

Realistically, any weapon in Black Ops Cold War zombies can be a powerful asset. However, the weapons listed above are my personal recommendations.

You'll need to make sure you're familiar with how to Pack-A-Punch on Die Maschine to upgrade your weapons.

Craftable items and other useful tools

Armor at the Arsenal on Die Maschine
The Arsenal in Die Maschine

Using the Arsenal and Crafting Table are also a must in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

The items you can purchase from these workbenches are very powerful and can even be the difference between life and death.

Of course, if you have already used up your self revive that you spawn in with, the Crafting Table can provide as many extra self revives as you want. You cannot stack them however, so you can only carry one at a time.

Stimshots are also very useful. They rapidly regenerate the player's health after it has been significantly depleted, so Stimshots can help with that when you're on the brink of death.

The war machine is another useful asset to use. You can buy it from the Crafting Table it is great at killing larger hordes of zombies.

The combat bow is another Crafting Table item that does a ton of damage against the Megaton.

Using chopper gunners can be an easy way to kill enemies and avoid being downed. You can purchase the chopper gunner at the crafting table. Once activated, the player will be ignored by enemies while gunning them down from a helicopter.

Perfect for crowd control and it acts as a small breather from the chaos.

Upgrading your weapon's rarity at the Arsenal will improve the damage your gun does against all types of enemies. This is a must-do for anyone who wants to get into the higher rounds.

It is also important to upgrade your armor through the Arsenal as well so you can withstand multiple hits from all enemies. Learn how to Use the Arsenal and the Crafting Table on Die Maschine.


The Yard on Die Maschine
The Yard on Die Maschine

The area in which you decide to slay hordes of zombies is equally as important as your weaponry.

There would be no good use in acquiring all of these great weapons only to die instantly because you were in a terrible area on the map.

So for this, I recommend the most wide open section of the map for you to run around and gather hordes of zombies for you to kill, the Yard.

The Yard is best known as the first room on Die Maschine. It is the very first room your character steps foot in once disembarking from the helicopter.

Not only is there a ton of room for you to run around in, but there is also a Crafting Table and ammo crate.

You can build helpful items and replenish ammo in the same area.


Zombie horde on Die Maschine
Horde of zombies attacking a player on Die Maschine

Now that you've made it to the Yard, it's important to use your space wisely. Never underestimate the ferocity of a horde of zombies.

Creating a sizeable gap between you and the horde is preferable, however there will be those times where the zombies get up close and personal.

You will be hit multiple times. There is no denying that. Just keep in mind when hording up the zombies that you at least try to limit the number of zombies that hit you in the process.

You can horde up zombies by literally running circles around them. Be mindful of where zombies spawn from and enter from, however, so you do not get caught on a zombie when trying to create space.

Hording zombies is all about decision making. Which way will you decide to horde them up? How large of a circle do you want to run? How many zombies is in the horde enough zombies for you to turn around and start shooting the crowd?

I strongly recommend waiting until as many zombies as possible have spawned in. This means, when it comes time to kill them all, your horde will be nice and neat with no stragglers interfering with your horde.

Once they all die, a new wave of enemies will begin to spawn so you can repeat the process all over again.

Movement can be one of the hardest things to learn in zombies, but practice makes perfect! Hording zombies is like its own art form.


Speed Cola on Die Maschine
Speed Cola on Die Maschine

Perks are always a must buy when playing zombies, and upgrading them in Die Maschine Cold War Zombies is very important.

One of the perk upgrades that will make a difference in the long run is Stamin-Up's tier 1 upgrade. This upgrade increases your backpedal speed, meaning that you can walk backwards must faster.

This is very useful when turning around and shooting zombies in your horde.

Deadshot Daiquiri's upgrades are also a must upgrade. Dealing 100% more critical damage to enemies at full health is incredible. Not to mention that the tier 3 upgrade reduced hip-fire spread.

This means that you will be more accurate when aiming at the hip without aiming down sights.

All other perks are useful to have as well, such as Juggernog, which is a no-brainer perk to purchase due to the fact that your health increases, and Speed Cola is essential so you can reload faster.

Make sure you upgrade all of these perks to tier 3 to use them to the fullest extent!

Field Upgrades

Aether Shroud Field Upgrade in Black Ops Cold War zombies
Aether Shroud Tier 3

As far as Field Upgrades go, the two best ones to use are Aether Shroud and Ring of Fire.

Aether Shroud

Aether Shroud makes you invisible for 5 seconds (8 seconds maximum with the tier 2 upgrade) and you can easily avoid zombies. Using this ability is ideal for getting yourself out of a corner or giving yourself some extra space so you can quickly do something else.

The tier 3 ability is similar to the blink ability from the Dishonored franchise, where you teleport a few feet in front of you to evade enemies or leap to a different location.

So not only will you be able to cloak yourself from enemies, you can teleport away from them at the same time.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire summons a protective fire field that increases the damage of your weapons. This can be especially useful when taking down the Megaton.

The best spot to use the Ring of Fire is on the stairs in the Yard. This way. enemies only come from one way, and you can blast them away with your amped up weapons.


There are multiple different strategies you can utilize in Black Ops Cold War zombies, but this is the one that I recommend.

Hording up enemies in the Yard with these weapons and equipment will ensure that you last a long time in your next zombies game.

If you need any help setting up your high round attempt, check out some of our other Die Maschine Cold War Zombies guides:

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