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Hidden Modern Warfare MP5 Buff in Warzone – New Fastest Killing SMG

The recent Warzone Season 5 update has given a huge buff to a specific attachment for the Modern Warfare MP5, making the gun kill faster.

The Modern Warfare MP5 was by far the most popular SMG in Warzone before the Black Ops Cold War integration. However, that isn’t the case any more.

Many players prefer to use Black Ops Cold War SMGs in Warzone right now, thanks to their superior movement speed. Although, this new hidden buff to the Modern Warfare MP5 makes it one of the most powerful SMGs in the game right now.

But first, check out the best meta loadouts to use in Warzone Season 5.

modern warfare mp5 warzone season 3

Modern Warfare MP5 10mm Rounds Buff

Despite JGOD saying that nobody should be using Modern Warfare weapons in Warzone, this new hidden MP5 buff makes it one of the very best SMGs in the game!

YouTuber TrueGameData found that the 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags do even more increased damage than they used to in Warzone.

This is most likely because when over 35 weapons got balanced in Warzone, including the Modern Warfare MP5, the 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags were not changed.

When using this ammunition attachment, you get 3 extra damage to all body parts and 5 extra headshot damage in comparison to the standard ammunition. This makes the Modern Warfare MP5 the fastest killing SMG in Warzone for chest shots.

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“It is probably the best SMG for Solos and Duos now.”


Unfortunately, the low magazine capacity means that TrueGameData doesn’t recommend using it in Trios and Quads. Although it is by far the best SMG to use in Solos and Duos.

If you’re thinking of trying it out, make sure to check out our best Modern Warfare MP5 loadout in Warzone. Just make sure to swap in the newly buffed 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags.

Meanwhile, the player base is angry after Raven removed the standard Battle Royale game mode from Warzone. When will it be coming back?

Additionally, players believe that TTK isn’t the most important weapon stat in Warzone. This won’t stop players from using the Modern Warfare MP5 though.

Finally, Call of Duty Vanguard is bringing a new Warzone map with improved anti-cheat. Additionally, there will be new WW2 weapons and vehicles.

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