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Hidden Modern Warfare Guns in Warzone – CX-9, RAAL MG & Sykov

Three new unreleased Modern Warfare guns have been found in Warzone. Could they be officially released soon?

Warzone Season 2 has brought a lot of change to the map. However, there is one change that has gone under the radar.

Every now and then, Warzone refreshes the guns players can find as floor loot, so it isn’t surprising that it was changed at the beginning of Season 2. However, players have found some unreleased Modern Warfare guns in Warzone boxes.

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How To Get the Unreleased Modern Warfare Weapons in Warzone

Simply enough, players can find them in supply boxes that spawn on the ground. Players have found blueprints for the Sykov, CX-9, and RAAL MG in Warzone.

The guns all seem to be legendary blueprints at the moment, so the best way to find one is in an orange box. These boxes have the rarest loot in them.

Some of the best places to find orange supply boxes are bunkers. Check out our handy map of all the new missile silo bunkers in Warzone Season 2.


A number of players have found the unreleased Modern Warfare CX-9 in Warzone already. A legendary blueprint of the gun called the Serac can be found as floor loot.

This blueprint comes with a 50-round Drum Mag, a suppressor, and special dismemberment rounds.

With its very fast fire rate and manageable recoil, it might even be able to beat the MAC-10.

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Quite a few players have also found the RAAL MG in Warzone. It is a slow-firing but very heavy-hitting LMG perfect for long-range gunfights.

This is the first appearance of the hidden gun in Warzone after players managed to unlock the RAAL MG in Modern Warfare Survival mode.

Warzone players can also find a legendary blueprint for this gun in orange boxes. The blueprint also comes with a scope that displays the distance between you and the enemy.
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The last unreleased Modern Warfare gun that is appearing in Warzone is the Sykov pistol.

The Sykov is also reportedly appearing as ground loot in Verdansk. Players had already found this gun last Season in Warzone and it looks like the most powerful pistol in the game.

There has been uproar from fans about the gun as it has attachments that could make it way too overpowered. With a barrel that converts it to full auto fire and Akimbo, the Sykov could be the most powerful gun ever seen in Warzone.

Check out some overpowered Sykov gameplay here.

Warzone players are so concerned that even YouTuber have made videos about the unreleased Modern Warfare gun. JGOD has tested the Sykov already and found these ridiculous time to kill stats that are the fastest in all of Warzone by a mile.

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Will the CX-9, RAAL MG & Sykov Release in Modern Warfare & Warzone Soon?

All of the guns being in Warzone now means that it is likely that they will arrive soon. However, there is no way of telling what time they will come.

The weapons also aren’t part of the Cold War and Warzone Season 2 content roadmap either. This means that they will likely drop during a special event.

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Luckily for Warzone players, the rumored end of Verdansk event could be the perfect time to release the new Modern Warfare weapons into Warzone.

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A leaker has also data mined that after Verdansk is hit by a nuke it could fill with lava. It sounds ridicuou but there’s evidence that it could happen!

Meanwhile, Season 2 could have finally removed the Warzone infinite stim glitch once and for all.

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