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Here’s Where to Find PS5 Consoles Available In-Store On Launch Day

If you’ve still not managed to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 pre-order before launch day, there’s still a chance for you.

PlayStation 5 pre-orders have been selling out everywhere ever since they first went live just a month ago. Despite this high demand and short supply, it seems that getting hold of a PS5 on launch day isn’t actually impossible.

According to a certain retailer, PS5’s appear to be coming to stores on November 12th. However, you’ll have to be fast to be in with a chance of purchasing one.

(Source: Sony)

Where Can I Buy a PS5 on Launch Day?

Those who are yet to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 will be looking to head to Target on launch day. The giant retailer has already confirmed that the devices will be in stock, and not just at one location.

When asked about the possibility of purchasing a PS5 at launch, a Target representative revealed that the console would be available on release day. What’s more, the device will be found both in-store and online, so those far from a Target store need only check the internet.

The representative went on to confirm that most Targets will have available consoles up for grabs. However, more accurate stock information is set to come closer to launch day.

In an effort to combat COVID-19 in stores, you won’t simply be able to camp out for a PS5. Instead, customers will have to purchase the consoles through Order Pickup or Drive Up options.

NEW UPDATE (05/11/20):

All PlayStation 5 Launch Day Sales Will Be Online Only

New information regarding the PlayStation 5 launch has been announced. Now, we know that Sony is making sure there are no next-gen consoles in stores on launch day.

Will Any Other Retailers Have Stock Available?

It’s entirely possible that other stores will, in fact, have stock available for the PlayStation 5 launch. So far, though, retailers appear reluctant to reveal their stock levels to avoid disappointment.

However, inevitably, some people won’t end up going through with their pre-orders, leaving stock levels higher than anticipated. Other places, possibly Target included, may instead be holding back stock from going to pre-order to drive up interest in the store.

It’s worth reaching out to individual stores to see what the case is likely to be. As we get nearer to next month’s launch, retailers should have a decent idea of whether or not they’ll actually have stock to offer.

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Stores like GAME are allowing fans to register their interest to be alerted when the devices are available. Several retailers are also offering online queues to those who want to wait until the stock is available.

And of course, if you’re really desperate, scalpers are still selling PS5s on eBay. However, given that new stock for the consoles will be made available not long after launch day, we’d rather wait until that releases.

Despite the launch occurring in less than a month, the first PS5 game has officially been manufactured just last week. But despite the console having an exceptional launch line-up, there are some games more anticipated than others.

In fact, Destruction AllStars is a PS5 launch title with no gameplay reveal. Whether the game isn’t ready or the developer is just being secretive, only time will tell for sure.

We’ll be updating this article as more news drops regarding PS5 availability on launch day. Be sure to check back for the latest updates.

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