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Here’s Everything Coming To Pokémon Go This Halloween

Halloween is always an important time for Pokémon Go. Not only is it a time when kids (and parents) are out and about, lending itself well to Pokémon catching. It also presents an excellent opportunity for spooky Pokémon to come out and play too.

Although this Halloween, things may be a little different. Many areas of the world are still in quarantine and living under some form of COVID-19 restrictions.

Mingling and sharing candy with others may not be wise. And neither will be knocking on the doors of strangers and shouting “Trick or Treat” in their faces.

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It’s a shame because Halloween is a fun time of year. It’s also one that Pokémon Go fans enjoy too. It also gives us a chance to catch some rare Pokémon who may not usually be available.

Halloween and Pokémon have a special connection that dates back to the first Red/Blue games on the original Game Boy. This too, had a spooky segment when the player reaches Lavender Town and needs to fend off ghosts.

The player can also catch Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar for the first time and see a very memorable and poignant moment with a Cubone. For these reasons, the spooky season is synonymous with Pokémon and always has been.

Social distancing and other restrictions may still be in place, but Pokémon Go’s Halloween event will nonetheless be going ahead. Here’s everything we know:

Spooky Pokémon

Last year Niantic kicked off the event on the 18th of October, so expect an update for Pokémon Go to drop anytime.

They’ve also released a teaser trailer showing Yamask.

See it here:

This suggests that Yamask, Galarian Yamask, and its evolved form Runerigus will play a role in proceedings this Halloween.

We also know that before Halloween kicks off, we’ll get the chance to battle and catch Girantina – a scary Pokémon in his own right. That raid battle will take place Friday, October 9 (1 PM) to Friday, October 23 (1 PM PDT (GMT −7).

Pokémon Halloween Leaks

A few details about Pokémon Go’s Halloween plans have also leaked thanks to data miner martycochrane. They report the following items and Pokemon will appear in this year’s Pokémon Go Halloween event:

  • Galarian Ponyta
  • Galarian Rapidash
  • Runerigus
  • Spooky pose
  • Halloween Clothing
  • Masks
  • Gengar Onesie
  • Yanmask Top Hat
  • Crown Tundra Clothing
  • Halloween Box Names
  • Spooky Halloween Research
  • Spiritomb in the wild

Another Reddit leaker also suggested that the spooky Pokémon Darkrai may also make an appearance this year. That’s because data miners spotted his signature move Dark Void is now in the game.

To those who don’t know, Darkrai is a legendary Pokémon that first appeared in Pokémon Dimond and Pearl. For many fans, he represents the ultimate ghost Pokémon. You can read that Reddit thread here.

Expect to see an increase in ghost, poison and possibly fairy type Pokémon as we head into the spooky season.

It’s a big week for Pokémon in general as the Crown Tundra also releases worldwide. You can also read more about Pokemon Go’s plans for Autumn here.