Heat Level is a new Fortnite mechanic that allows players to generate Heat by performing well in-game. Players with a higher Heat Level will be rewarded mid-match with:

  • More Gold Bars For Eliminations
  • Health Regen When Safe
  • & Faster Movement Speed

The new Heat Level mechanic encourages aggressive play, as it’ll give high-performing players the advantage in the final circle.

Heat Level in Fortnite

Those who prefer to play passively and make it to the end of the game by avoiding fights will now have a disadvantage.

The opponents they’ll find themselves up against will have more Gold to spend, as well as the ability to race around the island and even recover health for free.

However, players at high Heat Levels will find members of Cold Blooded more aggressive, should they come across the AI in-game.

Cold Blooded in Fortnite
Cold Blooded in Fortnite

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How to Raise Heat Level in Fortnite

To raise their Heat Level in Fortnite, players need to get eliminations in-game, answer new Burner Phones around the map, or open Vaults.

After getting 5 eliminations, your Heat Level will increase to the next level, giving you a new bonus and temporarily revealing your location to enemy players.

Those who consistently find themselves in the action will generate far more Heat than those who play passively.

Heat Level Explained Fortnite

However, Heat will only stick around while the game is ongoing. After each match, your Heat Level will reset to zero.

Most Wanted Heat Level Bonuses

  • Level 1 – Eliminated Opponents Drop More Gold Bars
  • Level 2 – Movement Speed Increased by 15% and Health Will Regen 100 Out of Combat
  • Level 3 – Movement Speed Increased by 20% and 100 Health, 50 Shield Will Regen Out of Combat
  • Level 4 – Movement Speed Increased by 25% and 100 Health, 100 Shield Will Regen Out of Combat

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All Heat Level Bonuses & Effects Explained

  • More Bars For Elims
    • Fortnite players already receive a steady supply of Gold Bars dropped from opponents when eliminating them. However, with a higher Heat Level, this income will be significantly boosted.
    • This will allow you to purchase items from NPCs, use Vending Machines, or upgrade your weapons to help secure that Victory Royale!
  • Regen When Safe
    • When at higher Heat Levels, Fortnite players will begin recovering health like in Call of Duty. When out of combat and not taking damage, health will begin regenerating up to 100.
    • At Level 2, this only applies to Health, not Shields. From Heat Level 3 onwards, you’ll start to regen Shield as well.
  • Move Faster
    • When on the move, players with more Heat will be able to move slightly faster (up to 25%) and avoid danger.
    • Increased movement speed is one of the best available bonuses, and it’s sure to have a major impact on your success in-game. Outrun the circle, reposition mid-fight, or simply make a beeline for the best place in the final circles.

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