Key Points
Completion Time:
2 Minutes
Restored Hearts
Must Haves:
Sundelions, Lightroot, Fast Travel
Required For:
Healing Gloom-Broken Hearts

Gloom is a nasty substance in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that infects everything it touches, including your hearts.

In fact, if you step on pools of Gloom or are attacked by infected enemies or Gloom Spawn, then you’ll lose a heart and cannot recover it with healing items.

Fortunately, there are easy solutions that can help you recover your hearts and get you back to exploring the Depths in peace.

How to Recover Hearts From Gloom Damage in TOTK

You can recover from Gloom in three ways in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They are:

  • Activate a Lightroot (the glowing green light underneath the giant trees) in the Depths.
  • Fast travel to the Surface.
  • Cook a meal with Sundelions.

The time you’re most likely to take Gloom damage is against the infamous Gloom Hands. Fortunately, there’s a very easy way to defeat them Gloom Hands once and for all.

Gloom-broken hearts above Link's head in Tears of the Kingdom
Hearts corrupted by Gloom appear as greyed-out broken hearts.

Lightroots are located within the Depths and act as fast travel points. You can spot them by finding the glowing green lights in the distance.

To activate them, walk underneath the glowing light and press A. This will trigger a cutscene, revealing a small section of the map and recovering any hearts lost by Gloom.

A Lightroot in the Tears of the Kingdoms Depths from afar and up close.

Alternatively, simply fast traveling to the surface will immediately recover your hearts. It’s certainly the simplest way to do it, but it will take you away from the Depths.

However, if you plan on staying in the depths for a while, you should bring Sundelions which are known to be found in the following locations in TOTK:

  • Sky Islands
  • Eventide Island
  • Hyrule Fields
  • Eldin Canyon
  • Gerudo Desert
Sundelions in Tears of the Kingdom

Cooking Sundelions with any other ingredient will give the meal the Sunny effect, which recovers Gloom-broken hearts.

For example, one apple and a Sundelion will create Sunny Steamed Fruit which heals three Gloom-broken hearts.

How to Prevent Gloom Damage in TOTK

Gloom damage can be prevented by wearing either of the Gloom Resistant armor pieces or by eating Dark Clumps in Zelda: TOTK. The Gloom Resistant armor pieces are:

  • Tunic of the Depths
  • Gaiters of the Depths

You get the Tunic and Gaiters of the Depths by purchasing them from the second and third Bargainer Statues, respectively.

The Tunic costs 150 Poes, a resource that looks like blue flames found in the Depths, and the Gaiters cost 200 Poes.

The Gaiters of the Depths armor in TOTK

Alternatively, you can find Dark Clumps across Hyrule and combine them to create meals that offer temporary Gloom resistance.

For example, combining one Milk, three Dark Clumps, and a Dragon Horn gives you 30 minutes of Gloom resistance.

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