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Headless Warzone Player Haunts Rebirth Island in Strange New Glitch

This headless player glitch is one of the strangest Warzone bugs so far.

Getting headshots can make all the difference in a game like Warzone. The added damage by hitting the head can help you down players much quicker.

However, that apparently isn’t always possible in Warzone anymore. This strange new glitch shows a completely headless player on the Rebirth Island map.

Players have also been experiencing this hilarious glitch that makes music play even when they’ve left a vehicle.

Warzone inside plane

The Ultimate Head Glitch?

Call of Duty players are all familiar with the term head glitch, even if it actually isn’t a bug. This is the name given when a player can shoot at an enemy from behind cover even if only their head is poking out from above the cover.

However, this video shows an actual head glitch in Call of Duty Warzone which makes the player completely headless.

Reddit user cal21998 came across a totally headless player whilst playing Warzone on Rebirth Island.

He used his Kar98 sniper to shoot where the headless Warzone player’s head would be. However, this shows that it wasn’t a purely visual glitch.

The sniper shot passed through exactly where the player’s head should have been. Therefore, the glitch changed the hitbox of the player as well as the visual appearance.

This is somehow even worse than the pay-to-win skin that Warzone players have been using the be virtually invisible.

cal21998 Reddit

How Did the Warzone Player Become Headless?

It’s not known whether this was an intentional exploit by the player with no head or just a strange glitch he was unaware of.

If there is a method that players can use to become headless in Warzone, let’s hope it doesn’t spread. This would make the game even more unfair than it already can be.

Angry Warzone players want the old Gulag to return for that exact reason. Meanwhile, cheaters are becoming even more common in Warzone and ruining the game for players.

However, hackers can still be beaten by skilled players. This Warzone hero managed to get revenge on a whole squad of aimbotters.

Another crazy clip shared by the Warzone community shows an extremely unfortunate player. The most unlucky Warzone player ever somehow got a win stolen from him by a trophy system.

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Tuesday 6th of April 2021

His shot was behind where the head should be.