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Have Warzone Players Found a New Invisibility Glitch?

Warzone players have found a new invisibility glitch that means other players can't see them.

An invisibility glitch plagued Warzone at the start of Season 1. This was where players could use the new attack chopper vehicle to make themselves invisible.

Luckily, Activision removed the chopper very quickly and the invisibility glitch went with it. However, it looks like players have found a new way to turn invisible.

Warzone Invisibility Glitch

New Warzone Invisibility Glitch

This must be a completely new invisibility glitch as the attack choppers still haven't been added back into Warzone.

This clip shows a player being killed by what is seemingly a completely invisible enemy. He stunned the enemy first and then waited for them to push.

The player hears footsteps, but can't see anybody. Then someone shoots at him from seemingly nowhere. The players manages to shoot back and armor down the invisible man, but it's not enough.

The short glimpse after the player's death shows the door seemingly close on its own, yet the spectate cam from the enemy's point-of-view shows a completely normal player. Watch the video of this new Warzone invisibility glitch below.

ModernWarzone Twitter

It is not currently known how the players turned invisible, but Warzone fans are already worried. If players spread invisibility glitch then it will make Warzone even more unplayable than it currently is.

Cheating Warzone players have been exploiting a new version of the infamous infinite stim glitch to get easy wins. Activision needs to sort this glitch properly so it never appears again.

There has also been controversy surrounding record-breaking players manipulating SBMM to get easy lobbies.

Meanwhile, YouTuber JGOD has proved that Blueprints are totally broken. Warzone is confirmed to be pay-to-win with Blueprints that do extra damage.

At least fixes for some of these problems should come soon. The huge Mid-Season 1 Update is bringing a whole load of new content to Cold War and Warzone.

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