The first Diablo 4 Open Beta weekend is almost over, leading many fans to understandably wonder if their time slaying hordes of demons and the undead in Sanctuary will get extended.

Unfortunately, the Diablo 4 Open Beta is not being extended. The Open Beta, which started on March 25, will officially end on March 27 at 12 PM PT.

After that, no additional time will be added to the Beta. Players hoping to have a little extra time with the game are sure to be disappointed.

You can see what time the Diablo 4 Beta ends in all countries in our full guide.

the player crossing a bridge in Sanctuary in Diablo 4 Beta

Fans have spoken out online about how they wish that Blizzard would extend the Diablo 4 Open Beta. This included people who missed it due to work or because of server problems .

However, it is still worth playing as much of the Open Beta weekend as possible. There are exclusive Beta rewards to unlock that carry over into the full release!

Additionally, during the remaining time, you can still experience a huge chunk of the game. This includes side quests, world events, dungeons, and so much more.

While fans shouldn’t get their hopes up that the Open Beta will be extended at the last minute, in the past, developers have given players more time with a Beta.

For example, Infinity Ward extended the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta by 24 hours, giving players more time to test the game.

However, this seems unlikely to happen with the Diablo 4 Open Beta. It will probably only last until March 27, after which it will end.

This is the last Beta before the game’s full release as well. So, this will be the final opportunity to test out Diablo 4 for free before having to purchase the full game.

After the Beta, players will have to wait until the game’s full release on June 6, 2023, to continue their journey in Sanctuary.

Until then, players should get familiar with each of the game’s five classes. That way, when the full game launches, they’ll know what the best starting class in Diablo 4 is.

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