Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta Now Available in New Zealand

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta

Niantic recently unveiled details on Harry Potter Wizards Unite, including an interesting first look at what the game will offer. Now, it appears as though the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta is now available for download in New Zealand.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta New Zealand

Niantic has just officially confirmed that players in New Zealand can now download the game on both App Store and Google Play, in an attempt to enhance each user’s experience for the real release following fans’ feedback.

Other Regions and Nationalities

It’s unclear as to when other nationalities and regions will be able to get their hands on the testing build of the game. While Wizards Unite is confirmed to release by the end of 2019, we’ll likely hear additional details arise from Niantic very soon. Many fans assume the release window will be this summer, as it would tie in perfectly with the adventurous characteristics of the game.

Bugs and Errors

For those of you who decide to install the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta, it’s worth taking note that it’s not a final build of the game. Although Niantic is without a doubt coming to the final stages of development, many aspects of the game are still subject to change, nor have several features been finalized as of yet.

Niantic hasĀ even confirmed themselves that the Harry Potter Wizards Unite available languages, design, and overall appearance in the current version of the game are not yet finalized. Further, while it’s an early build of the title, don’t be surprised to encounter an array of different in-game bugs or stability issues.

Obviously, they still have a host of finishing touches to introduce following your feedback prior to the game’s intended release. Either way, it’ll be interestingĀ to see how the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta plans out in New Zealand – whether it’ll come to the displeasure of many fans or become widely acclaimed from the community.

What are your thoughts on the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta making its way to New Zealand prior to other regions? Are you eagerly waiting for the opportunity to get your hands on the app?

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