Not every Warzone 2 bug will leave players coming away unhappy, with this one hilariously showing a Harry Potter-style car flying across the map.

The clip shared on Reddit by user “qwazimoda99” shows him targeting a car with a launcher. His weapon locks onto the vehicle while the enemy drives away at speed.

The vehicle then appears to glide across the air as if someone had put a Harry Potter spell on it. The car eventually floats back to the ground, where it is then blown up by the locked-on launcher.

The user has even edited a Harry Potter sound clip to add a more comedic effect to this hilarious Warzone 2 bug.

Luckily, this glitch doesn’t appear to have any effect on the enemy player. Even without the levitating car, they were most likely going to die to the launcher.

This is not the only Warzone 2 bug that makes a vehicle do something it shouldn’t be able to do! Players have discovered a new function for one of Warzone 2’s biggest cars.

One user took to the comments to describe this incident as “freaking wild” while including a laughing emoji. While another simply said it was “amazing”, pointing to the quite amusing nature of this clip.

It is not clear how this bug occurred. Perhaps the animation for the car didn’t render properly or there was a short lag spike that caused the vehicle to float momentarily.

Either way, it doesn’t look like this bug is a frequent one inside the game.

Recently, Warzone 2 has run into a ton of issues. All different kinds of bugs have been popping up which have been frustrating players.

Similar to this Harry Potter-style bug, another Warzone 2 glitch has sent players flying across Al-Mazrah and stopping them from winning the match.

While another glitch appears to bring back one of the original Warzone’s key mechanics. Hopefully, Raven Software can limit the number of bugs we see in the future!

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