Hardcore in MW2 is a multiplayer playlist that removes HUD and lowers the health pool for all players. Unlike Tier 1, Hardcore does have hit markers, kill confirmations, and a kill feed.

The mode has been a popular alternative to standard playlists since its introduction in the original Modern Warfare.

When Modern Warfare 2 first launched, fans were disappointed to see Hardcore modes were completely missing from the game. Then, when Tier 1 arrived in MW2 Season 1, players were disappointed once again.

After all, while some players liked Tier 1 matches, others found them no replacement for the iconic Hardcore modes.

Hardcore in MW2 Season 2

MW2 Hardcore Mode Explained

In Hardcore, all players are limited to just 30 health, making all weapons viable in-game. This makes playing Hardcore TDM one of the fastest ways to grind guns to max level, since kills are so fast.

Players also have very limited HUD, with most of the screen left clear. The exception to the rule is objective markers, such as the Domination Capture Points, will still be highlighted.

But despite the lack of UI, Hardcore still contains hit markers and a killfeed, allowing fans to see when they successfully eliminate an enemy.

Friendly Fire is on, meaning that teammates can be damaged and killed if you aren’t careful with your engagements.

However, after killing two teammates, friendly fire will start to be reflected back at you, ensuring that players are punished for trolling.

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All Differences Between Hardcore & Tier 1

HardcoreTier 1
Hit MarkersYesNo
Friendly FireYesYes
Lower HealthYesYes
Kill FeedYesNo

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Hardcore Mode Broken in MW2 Private Matches

Right now, it appears that Hardcore is broken in MW2 Private Matches. Even when setting up a private game with Hardcore options, the weapon, equipment, and killstreak HUD cannot be removed.

We’re hoping that Infinity Ward will fix this problem very soon. For now, however, Hardcore mode isn’t appearing on the MW2 Trello Board as a known issue.

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