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Happy Customers Grab GameStop Xbox Series X on Black Friday Bundle Restock – Nov 26

GameStop made many gamers happy today with its decent Xbox Series X Black Friday bundle restock.

Many gamers have tried all year long to get a console.

Unfortunately, console scarcity does not seem to be going away anytime soon. As time goes on, retailers keep dropping stock to see it go in the bat of an eyelid.

This situation did not stop many gamers from trying as hard as possible to get a console during this Black Friday.

For some lucky GameStop customers, that perseverance just paid off today.

Xbox Series X Black Friday Bundle GameStop Restock (1)

GameStop Xbox Series X Black Friday Bundle Restock Was A Moderate Success

A considerable amount of gamers have finally gotten their Xbox Series X consoles in GameStop’s Black Friday restock.

After the restock went live, many gamers started pointing out they were able to get a console.

Many immediately celebrated, but others encountered some checkout issues.

Luckily, many bypassed this glitch by checking out through Apple Pay. Once this trick became common knowledge, many used it and ended up getting their consoles.

This restock was a bundle one, as is usual with GameStop. Due to this particularity, stock lasted a few minutes.

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Gamers Celebrate GameStop Black Friday Xbox Series X Drop

The winning parade continued on Twitter as more and more gamers got their consoles. As well, most of them praised the Apple Pay solution.

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Even though GameStop does not have a bad track record with order cancelations, it can happen. Not long ago, the retailer canceled some Halo Infinite Xbox Series X orders.

Due to this situation, a customer that paid through PayPal was a bit concerned about his order. It is understandable, considering how this restock was so dependable on Apple Pay.

GameStop is not an option for you? Xbox Series X/S Restock: Walmart, Meijer, Amazon & More Expected to Drop This Week – November 22-28

Of course, not everything was happiness and winning during this GameStop Xbox Series X bundle restock. Some unlucky gamers were not as happy.

Many experienced cart issues during this restock.

Others were simply a bit too late, and the stock was gone.

This restock was not as successful as other massive console drops we have seen in the past. But it can certainly be considered an overall success.

If you could not get your console on GameStop, here is where you can buy an Xbox Series X during Black Friday and Black Friday.

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Rick Bates

Saturday 27th of November 2021

I was lucky enough to physically get one on Black Friday from Gamestop. Pretty pleased with how the process went and the level of professionalism by the staff. As far as the bundle was concerned I was a bit disappointed. Looking at how the PS5 bundle had physical copies of the 3 games included. I was not happy with 2 digital copies of NBA 2K22 AND Battlefield. I had purchased Battlefield already and not really a fan of NBA 2K series so with Gamestop having a no return on Digital copies i am stuck them and a mediocre headset that will never see the outside of the box.

It is what is it is. Guess i better start like NBA games now.