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Halo Master Chief Collection Comes To Xbox Series X/S In Full 120FPS

It seems like an eternity since fans of Halo got some news. The next Xbox console is less than a month away from release, but no love for the Chief?

Especially when fans have waited so patiently for Halo: Infinite, but now there’s a silver lining because Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to Xbox Series X/S on the 17th November!

The game, or should we say three games, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on this date too. All fully optimized for next-gen.

This means that the original Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 will all be available in on the Xbox Series X in full 4K and 120fps. This includes their single-player campaigns, split-screen two-player, and online multiplayer modes.

Prequel Halo Reach and spin-off Halo: ODST are also expected to be part of this package. However, we’re still waiting for Microsoft to fully confirm this.

How The Halo Master Chief Collection Will Be Different?

We already knew Halo: The Master Chief Collection would be playable on Xbox Series X; after all, the console is fully backward compatible. But this news finally confirms that all three titles will be getting a boost from the new hardware.

But this boost goes beyond the standard backward compatibility improvements the console will deliver. Instead, the announced collection will be unique.

This is exciting because the collection has also been confirmed for Xbox Series S - a console that won’t be compatible with enhanced games from previous Xbox consoles. However, it will still be backward compatible with digital Xbox One, 360, and original Xbox games.

This suggests that this version of Halo Master Chief Collection will be a full remaster rather than an enhanced backwards compatible title.

Here’s the list of fully optimized backward compatible Xbox games. We’ve covered how backward compatibility will work on the Xbox Series S here.

In the words of Jidenna, “Long live the Chief.”