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Halo Infinite’s Twitch Viewership Declines Despite Events & Store Changes

Halo Infinite Multiplayer received new events and store pricing changes, but its Twitch viewership continues declining.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer has been around for over two months now. Since this free-to-play title launched, many players have praised the game in some aspects.

Although, there has been a lot of criticism about some of the game’s pain points. Gamers complained about multiple issues with the game’s mechanics, cheaters, store pricing, and other problems.

343 Industries solved a lot of these situations promptly. But, not every concern followed this path to a speedy resolution.

Some issues like Big Team Battle remain, with BTB being down more than it ever worked. All these ongoing issues seem to have affected Halo Infinites Twitch viewership.

343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s Twitch Viewership Continues to Decline Despite Devs’ Efforts

According to data from StreamCharts, Halo Infinite’s Twitch viewership declined from a 26,136 average in December 2021 to 9,636 in January 2022.

In addition to this viewership decline, in December 2021, an average of 1402 channels broadcasted Halo Infinite content. In comparison, an average of 756 channels are broadcasting the game on January 2022 every day.

343 Industries have promoted limited-time events and even dropped store prices.

Nonetheless, according to data from Twitch Tracker, Halo Infinite’s viewership continued to decline 6% this week after the store price drops in contrast to the same days of the previous week.

Also, player counts on Steam continued to drop despite the ongoing Cyber Showdown event.

The shrinking rate seems to be slowing down, which is excellent news for the game. As well, a few days is not entirely indicative of long-term results when it comes to strategies like price reduction.

One thing is sure, even though watch time and Twitch viewership are still in decline for Halo Infinite, the rate at which it decreases is slowing down. It is nothing close to the stark contrast that was December vs. January.

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Many technical issues and hacker intervention have afflicted Halo Infinite. Players continue to experience and complain about desync issues.

In addition to this, some recent server and matchmaking issues resulted in innocent players being banned.

BTB is still a problem, despite 343 Industries’ attempts to correct the connectivity problems.

Even when players love new events like Cyber Showdown, feedback is still provided to get events to the desired quality level.

Gamers recently voiced that the developer should separate Cyber Showdown events from Battle Pass.

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Comments 4



Monday 24th of January 2022

Because it's boring and it's the same old shit halo has always done. They didn't try to evolve the experience at all and even still fanboy morons ate it up. It's why developers don't even try.


Monday 24th of January 2022

Should have dealt with the cheating problem first. Banning cheaters is pretty easy. Their entire history is online.If they had done that, the good players wouldn't be dropping off and the cheaters wouldn't have all top tier rewards.

Stephen P Schwartz

Sunday 23rd of January 2022

The mp is just too frustrating to play. Melees don't hit, people shoot you from around corners, enemies without shields that you shoot don't die but kill you. 343 isn't capable of carrying the mantle that is Halo.


Monday 24th of January 2022

@Stephen P Schwartz, Good post. Aimbots and shields torqued up to 300% make killing an enemy almost impossible. They can kill you easily from great distances. They spawn with rockets and swords.They are 15 up before anyone gets a decent weapon. The shooting around corners and through walls is a whole nother issue. The really bad cheat turn on 100% visibility and walls disappear. I caught one of these guys standing still. Maybe he was on a phone call or texting . I shot him 6 times with a sniper in the head. That involves reloading. He came back. Touched my shoulder and I died.The avatar listed it as a pistol shot. I've uninstalled Halo Infinite.