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Halo Infinite’s Tenrai Microtransactions Are Its Most Disappointing Yet

Halo Infinite isn’t quite nailing its Free-to-Play model and its Tenrai microtransactions are its most disappointing ones yet.

When Microsoft revealed that Halo Infinite Multiplayer would be completely Free-to-Play, a lot of fans were skeptical. Although this opened up the best Halo title in years to a greater audience, the franchise had never previously been free.

Because of this, there has been quite the learning curve for 343 Industries already. And fans are more than happy to voice their feedback to the developer.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai Event
343 Industries

After thousands of players made their opinions heard, Halo Infinite got some new game modes added before Christmas. And on top of that, the Fracture Tenrai event just got a lot of extra free rewards when it returned yesterday.

But Infinite’s current store offerings could be its most disappointing ones yet, and these microtransactions need some attention.

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Halo Infinite Players Are Complaining About the Fracture Tenrai Store

The Halo Infinite Store just got a new weekly update and it’s not a good one.

If you’re a Halo Infinite fan, chances are you’re hopping back into the game this week to grind out the Fracture: Tenrai event. Although Fiesta is now a permanent addition to Halo’s Multiplayer, the Yoroi event pass is only live for select weeks this year and there are plenty of rewards to unlock.

But if you want everything that the event has to offer, you’ll need to reach for your wallet. This week, the Enlightened Path cherry blossom effect finally arrive in-game, in the Halo Infinite Store.

For just this one effect and an emblem, 343 Industries is charging players $20, a price that twice that of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

And after complaining about the price of the Mister Chief AI in Halo Infinite for the last week, players aren’t exactly happy with this microtransaction either.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai Store
343 Industries

What’s particularly frustrating is that the armor effect was shown off in the Fracture: Tenrai event trailer. Despite the developer’s apology for using premium cosmetics in its event marketing, it appears that 343 Industries is once again charging players for promotional materials.

Also on offer is the Blacksteel Katana bundle, which comes with a new stock for the MA40. The bundle also contains a charm, black gun skin, nameplate, and an emblem, all for $15.

And while the Meditative State bundle is far more reasonably priced by comparison, it’s not ideal that the only way to unlock colors for the Yoroi armor is through the store.

Halo Infinite Yoroi Armor Core Needs Free Colors

All of the Tenrai promotional images feature a beautiful, vibrantly colored Samurai armor set. But if you don’t shell out some cash, your options are the default grey, or light blue exclusively.

That said, you can deck out the Yoroi armor core with this free HCS coating for a bit of color.

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Recently, Halo Infinite players got angry at having to buy nail polish for armor colors. And now that 343 Industries is back from vacation, it desperately needs to distract fans with new content.

Right now, Halo Infinite’s player count is dropping fast, as users wait for new content to arrive. Thankfully, it appears that these new game modes are coming to Infinite matchmaking soon.

YouTuber Mint Blitz calls the offerings “the worst Halo Infinite Store update yet” in his latest video. And judging by the Halo subreddit’s response, the community agrees with his assessment.

And Halo Infinite players are demanding anti-cheat too, as cheaters continue to ruin games.

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