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Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console’s Selling for Insane Money on eBay

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X was very well received by fans, and now it is also becoming a hot commodity on eBay.

Just over a month ago, Microsoft announced its Halo Infinite themed Xbox Series X.

Right from the start, pre-orders of the console went out of stock in seconds.

Unfortunately, restocks are scarce. Walmart restocked the console for the last time and that was already a week ago.

All those factors led to one thing, extremely high prices on the resell market.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console Controller eBay
Source: Microsoft

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X is selling at insane prices on eBay

This console is not even out yet, but that is not stopping resellers from profiting from its popularity.

At this moment, this limited edition console is reaching prices of up to $1400.

UPDATE: Halo Super Fan Bundle – Xbox Series X & Elite Controller Restock Today – October 14

Halo Infinite Console Limited Edition eBay

Considering that resellers don’t even have the consoles in-hand, these are crazy numbers.

Taking into account that the Holiday season is coming up, these numbers might go even higher.

Halo Infinite Limited Edition Console eBay

Halo Infinite Controllers also hitting crazy numbers on eBay

The Halo fever is not exclusive to the themed Xbox Series X console.

The Halo Infinite Wireless Elite Controller Series 2, restocked recently by Microsoft, suffered the same fate on eBay.

Specifically, these controllers are selling at around $399 or even higher. Namely, this is 50% above the $199 MSRP price Microsoft established for the controller.

Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Wireless Controller eBay

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It is uncertain if more restock of this hardware will happen. The manufacturer indicated some time ago that pre-orders for the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X consoles were over.

Although, after that, Walmart restocked some units of the console.

If you don’t mind the Halo fever and just want a standard console, Walmart, Best Buy, Antonline, and other retailers are rumored to have online restocks soon.

All in all, it seems that the craze for Halo Infinite is real, and some are willing to pay a pretty penny for it.

This does however bring up the debate as to whether this is ethical. Are these individual consumers changing their mind or organized scalpers exploiting genuine fans?

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Comments 3


David Parmelee

Friday 5th of November 2021

I believe it to be unethical. It is like the major corporations raising prices to make a profit and everyone else is stuck with the bill. Why offer something you don't even have yet and raise the price?

Rodrigo Yanez

Saturday 2nd of October 2021

In my honest opinion I partially blame Microsoft for announcing these items during a global pandemic and a global chip shortage. I believe they should have waited until the global chip shortage was over and you can walk into any Best Buy Target or any retail store and walk out in hand with either a disc or digital version of the console. The Hardcore fans if Halo would have bought one and not have had to fight with scammers and bots who just want to screw people over and resale on eBay for a huge markup.

Friday 1st of October 2021

$399 is a 100% mark up from the MSRP of $199, not 50%.

200 is 50% lower than 400, but 400 is 100% higher than 200.