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Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Bundle Microsoft Store Restock Incoming – US, UK & CA

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Bagging a limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundle has proven difficult. However, the best opportunity may be right around the corner.

A Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock is imminent at the Microsoft Store.

This is without doubt one of the most difficult consoles to find.

Collectors and scalpers have dominated the market. This has been proven already with the limited edition consoles going for insane money on eBay.

Many customers are desperately trying to bag one before the holidays.

Microsoft Store Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Bundle Restock

The release date of the console is approaching on November 15th.

The Microsoft Store is preparing for another major restock and it’s happening very soon.

According to the site, it appears it will go live at midnight November 15, 2021.

The time is localised to each country with E.T. timezone for US and Canada.

Microsoft Store US

The listing grabbed from the Microsoft Store with the E.T timezone.

Microsoft Store US Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Bundle

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Microsoft Store UK

It appears the UK restock will happen first, when GMT hits midnight and this could be a good marker to go off for the other countries.

Microsoft Store UK Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Bundle

Microsoft Store Canada

Similar to the USA listing, Canada is based on E.T timezone.

Microsoft Store Canada Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Bundle

We stress this doesn’t guarantee a restock at this exact time but this is about the best warning we can get.

UPDATE Nov 15th (00:16 E.T):

Maximise your chance by following our Microsoft Store guide on how to get an Xbox Series X.

For those of you who don’t manage to bag one from the listings above, there are plenty of other opportunities appearing.

There is a huge Best Buy Halo Infinite Series X bundle restock happening on November 15th.

If you’re looking to get one in-store we also have the list of Best Buy stores participating for the Halo console drop.

We recommend you follow our Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Stock Alerts Twitter for instant notifications on all drops.

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